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Welcome to the ARC 825 Final Assessment Submission Portal. This platform is designed for submitting your final assessment material for the course “Advanced Building Acoustics and Noise Control.” Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding:

Submission Guidelines:

1. File Size: Ensure your file does not exceed 10 MB.  If the file exceeds 10 MB, compress the file if possible, maintaining quality. If compression doesn’t reduce the file to under 10 MB, upload it on a drive and create a single-page PDF containing your name/matric no and the shareable link to your full submission, then upload this single-page PDF as your submission. Ensure the shared link has appropriate permissions to access it. Test the link before submitting it to confirm it works correctly.

2 File Name: Save your file using only your Matriculation Number

3. Lifeline: Submit your work before the specified lifeline. Don’t wait till the late minutes, the portal closes automatically at the expiration of the submission window.

4. Single Submission: You can only submit once, so ensure your file is complete and final.

Course Facilitator, Dr. Abraham Owoseni

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is an Education Leader, Youth Development Specialist, and Human Development Expert. He contributes to the global economy and the kingdom as an Assistant Professor, Life & Leadership Coach, Youth Minister, Author, Speaker & Trainer on Life Skills. Driven by a passion for human development and holistic growth, he focuses on improving the developmental outcomes of youths and corporates through education, environments, and empowerment following his life’s purpose of raising young people and moulding minds. As a Life and Leadership Coach, Dr. Abraham helps professionals and emerging leaders with the practical mindset and skillset to achieve all-round success in their careers, relationships, and lifestyle, fostering clarity, personal and professional growth. Dr. Abraham has consistently delivered transformative learning experiences. He’s an award-winning educator, celebrated for his empathy, engagement, and clarity in teaching. As the Lead Trainer of MindMould, a training and human development agency, Dr. Abraham equips individuals and institutions with the mental resources to enhance productivity and profitability. He is the Dean of the Life Harmony Mentorship School, mentoring professionals and emerging leaders in achieving all-round success with two past successful cohorts. Dr. Abraham holds a PhD and has received over 18 prestigious awards and recognitions. He continues to advance goals 4, 8, and 11 of the SDG. Connect with Dr. Abraham Owoseni at