All the Resources You Need to ACCELERATE Your Career And Make More Impact, Income & Influence…

You’re the driver of your career vehicle. But you need to know WHERE you’re driving to and learn HOW to steer your career vehicle in the right direction. 

It’s fine if you currently feel dissatisfied with what you’re currently doing; dissatisfaction is a blessing. It shows you’re in a season for more. 

Within you, you know there’s more but you’re not sure of what it is and how to even bring out “the more.” Don’t sweat it. This course is for you.

If you’re finding it difficult to define what you really want in life; or you currently feel overwhelm and uncertain about your next CAREER MOVE, you’re in the right place.

I can  perfectly relate with your concerns; life is more than the typical routine of schooling, getting a job & marriage. Many studied for a job, but never prepared for a career. Your career is not a job, it’s a lifework!

I can hear your thoughts loud and clear having coached several young professionals. You may be thinking:
  • I’m not too sure of my life purpose and if my current work aligns to it;
  • I’ve tried several things, but they are just like mere activities, little productivity;
  • I don’t know what to focus on without guesswork even in today’s world;
  • I kind of know what I’m about but I still don’t know what career can come out of it;
  • I’m still confused if I should start a business or work with an organisation;
  • I’m really tired of the work I do now, I just want to breathe, what can I do?
  • I know I am multi-talented and gifted, but I don’t know how to make money from my abilities;
  • I don’t just want the time to tick, I want to tick the time and be more intentional with the work I do

What if I show you the fast way to accelerate your career?

With that, you can Make More Income Without Hustling, ​

Impact Lives & Influence Your Sphere And At The Same Time Live Full & Fulfilled Through Your Career Without Regrets

As a result, I have learnt to steer my career in the right direction. This has brought me unprecedented acceleration in my career with lots of awards & recognition, media appearances, global partnerships amongst others all affirming the impact & influence of my work, not to talk of the accruing income. Above all, I feel fulfilled everyday of life and I know God is proud of me & the work I have found. I learnt early that you don’t look for work, you find your lifework…

You're going to leave with clarity & certainty
This session was extremely impactful. So many things that I had in my head prior to this class that was just so wrong; now I’ve learnt how to map out my destination and my career path. If you're out there and you're just so confused as to what to do; you've tried your hands on so many things or you're at that place when you're wandering, what do I do with my life, then I urge you to attend the next career live class and I can assure you, you're going to leave with clarity and certainty.
Seun Olagunju
Social Entrepreneur
I've been inspired to go back to the drawing board
By attending this live class today, I have been inspired and enlightened. I've really learnt a lot. Before, I thought I knew what I was supposed to do and the career I'm interested in, but that was not just all. I've been able to look at my career in a perspective where it is not only about me, but what I can do for others. I've been inspired to go back to the drawing board.
Temilola Oyenuga
Interior Designer

What you’re getting…


1.Finding Clarity on the Source & Purpose of Careers


2.Identifying your Career Route

3.Connecting your Career Route to a Destination

4.Articulating your Career Dream


5.Identifying your Unique Career Expressions Within the Value Chain

6.Identifying your Model(s) of Value Creation

7.Deploying your Value in Exchange for Income


8.Refining and Turning your Abilities into Capabilities


9.Transitioning from a Job to a Dream without Going Broke


10.Fast-tracking your Career Journey


11.Becoming a Career Leader, Making More Impact and Influencing Lives Through your Work


12.Creating a Career Profile

  • Career Discovery Worksheet
  • Retrospective Route Finder
  • Career Value Calculator
  • Career Skill set Builder
  • Career Mapping Worksheet
  • Career Miles Tracker
  • Prospective Route Finder
  • Career Profiling Worksheet
  • 12 Video Lessons & Audio Resources (N150,000 Value)
  • 8 Life coaching Worksheets (N40,000 Value)
  • 60 Mins. One-on-One Career Coaching with you (N35,000/hour)
  • Weekly Accountability Support & Check-in (Priceless)
  • Unlimited Priority Email Access for 30 Days (N50,000 Value)
  • Bonus 1: [Full Audio Book] The Career Leader (N5,000 Value)
  • Bonus 2: [Online Course] Life Harmony Challenge, How to Find Clarity of Purpose & Build Life-Harmony in 10 Days or less (N80,000 Value)

The TOTAL VALUE you’re getting is $1140 / N 410,000

This is totally worth it!

But assuming I’m not going to charge you this full amount, how much do you think it’s fair?

The audio content and worksheets forced me to think deeply
Before I signed up, I needed to understand how I can discover and get more clarity about my purpose. Through the Life Harmony Challenge, I was able to understand and get insight into another dimension of my purpose. The audio content and worksheets forced me to think deeply; something one needs to do more. Abraham Owoseni is someone that obviously knows his onions and is confident in what the "Manufacturer" has called him to do - and the fruits are obvious!
T.A., Ontario, Canada
I gained so much clarity
Thank you for being such an amazing Life Coach; I am glad our paths crossed. It was an interesting time sharing my life work and career goals with you. I gained so much clarity on growth after our discussion.
Omotayo Okewunmi
Protocol Officer, MAN of Nigeria
You can take his words for it
I have seen people love what they do, but have not seen anyone do what they love like this man does it. You can't meet him off guard. Bring any issue on 'lifestyle and career,' you can take his words for it. Keep soaring in this light. I appreciate your visible impact to the young people of our time.
Joshua Ukwedeh
Architect at DelanoArchitects


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  • Practical Training and Actionable Learning Experience
  • Learning Resources & Worksheets
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Email Access for Personalised Questions & Answers


Pay the first installment now and balance up on or before the next 30 days.

  • Practical Training and Actionable Learning Experience
  • Learning Resources & Worksheets
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Email Access for Personalised Questions & Answers
Abraham Owoseni is a practical, clear and straight forward trainer. You will always leave sessions with him with easily applied lessons that will surely help you achieve your goals and become a better person.
Omoniyi Mayowa
National Coordinator, Threshing House, Ecclesia Outreach
His expertise is unwavering
Abraham Owoseni was a facilitator at our 2017 in-house course and he was able to provide relevant experience and information around youth development. His expertise is unwavering and his depth in youth mentoring is incomparable. Olumide Fashina, Managing Consultant/CEO, Agile P3 Limited
Olumide Fashina
Managing Consultant/CEO, Agile P3 Limited
Be a Leader & Improve their Career
I must say, Abraham Owoseni's book-the Career Leader is a must read for anybody that wants to be a leader and improve their career.
Jimi Tewe
Career & Executive Coach
Coach Abraham Owoseni

Abraham Owoseni is a renowned authority on youth development; a life skills expert, educator & youth coach.

For close to a decade, Abraham has been on a life mission of raising young people and moulding minds. He has trained more than 10,000 teenagers and young adults with the life skills required to live and lead on purpose on life skills such as career & leadership development, employability, self-discovery, critical thinking, public speaking amongst others. Close to a thousand individuals have been coached for career clarity with over 500 structured presentations given since 2011 as a public speaker.

He addresses critical issues affecting young professionals on life clarity and life harmony. Using a unique blend of life skills, he equips young professionals who feel unclear and confused about life to grow in clarity & build harmony in career, relationships & lifestyle so they can be more, do more and earn more.

Online, you will get access to the online school where you can take the course at your pace.

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You’re solely responsible for your actions and results in life which are dependent on personal factors including, your dedication, sacrifice, knowledge, ability, just to mention a few.