Imagine the impact, influence and significance you would have attained at the end of this new decade by 2029 only if you knew what to focus on?

An Online Mentoring Program with Abraham Owoseni

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Can you imagine a new life where you have clarity of the very reason why you were born and sent to this earth?

With this you can enter into the realm of genius and  begin to live life to the full. That’s what Life Harmony Challenge is all about.

In 10 solid days or less, you can define your life purpose, leave the crowd of confused young professionals and start making more meaning, impact and influence that in retrospect, you will be glad you did when breathing your last breathe on earth when you’re ready to leave this realm. 

Life is beyond the typical routine of going to school, getting a job and getting married, there’s more. Whilst others are full of fear during this pandemic, you can get full of clarity, clarity of purpose. That will be a great thing to remember covid-19 for. 

You know it in your heart that you can be more, achieve more and even earn more but the problem is that you can’t confidently say you know what you really want in life and what lies ahead of you;

But first, you must be CLEAR about where you are heading, define your life purpose and grow in harmony with other areas of life.

What if you had a Coach who could hold your hands high on the journey to life clarity with practical mindsets and support tools to work with? With that, you can:

Are you ready to make more meaningful use of time and life, doing more and achieving more in a faster period with impact, influence and significance?
The audio content and worksheets forced me to think deeply
Before I signed up, I needed to understand how I can discover and get more clarity about my purpose. Through the Life Harmony Challenge, I was able to understand and get insight into another dimension of my purpose. The audio content and worksheets forced me to think deeply; something one needs to do more. Abraham Owoseni is someone that obviously knows his onions and is confident in what the "Manufacturer" has called him to do - and the fruits are obvious!
T.A., Ontario, Canada
" I've gotten a clearer glimpse of what that big picture is "
I was in a stage in my life where it felt like I was moving but in a direction that I don't know why. I needed to know the ‘why,’ so I can be on the right path of ‘what’ and ‘how.’ I just needed clarity on what the big picture was. By joining the Life Harmony Challenge, I've gotten a clearer glimpse of what that big picture is just from answering the right questions asked in this program. I took a leap of faith that I would get it here, and my expectations were met. Honestly, I can't quantify the full value I got in currency, but it definitely had a great impact on me. Abraham Owoseni is a great person with purpose indeed; very humble, caring and committed to the development of others, to be the better purposeful version of themselves.
T.O., Lagos, Nigeria
"I was able to do a lot of self-discovery and reflection"
Signing up for the Life Harmony Challenge, I was able to focus right on exactly what my purpose is, the reason why it was hidden for such a long time. I was able to figure out what part of my life was out of balance and how to balance it out. I also got to learn insightful things about the need to get an answer to the “WHY” question of life as well as the importance of vision in attaining or fulfilling one's purpose. I loved the way it wasn’t so much pressure and each individual could meditate at their own pace and time as we had access to our audios day by day and also worksheets that helped document the progress we made. It was an awesome experience for me because I was able to do a lot of self-discovery and reflection that helped calm a lot of troubles in my head in the area of balance. I’m glad I was a part of it.
K. J., Nasarawa, Nigeria
"I also loved the assignments and the worksheets because it made me think and to be more conscious of purpose."
"Before I joined the Life Harmony Challenge, I was confused on what to do after discovering purpose and how to achieve it. Now, I have actually gained a lot. I gained clarity on what next to do after purpose discovery and I’ve made some decisions. I understood more about purpose. I was impacted by all your teaching specifically the teaching on “your highest value.” I learnt from your story on how you overcame low self-esteem and that marriage was a tool for purpose. I also loved the assignments and the worksheets because it made me think and to be more conscious of purpose."
F.J., Ota, Nigeria

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Every conversation made an impact
Every conversation made an impact and I could easily apply the lessons shared. Your passion for what you do is an inspiration for me.
Chidinma Ukaegbu
Graduate Architect
You can take his words for it
I have seen people love what they do, but have not seen anyone do what they love like this man does it. You can't meet him off guard. Bring any issue on 'lifestyle and career,' you can take his words for it. Keep soaring in this light. I appreciate your visible impact to the young people of our time.
Joshua Ukwedeh
Architect at DelanoArchitects
I gained so much clarity
Thank you for being such an amazing Life Coach; I am glad our paths crossed. It was an interesting time sharing my life work and career goals with you. I gained so much clarity on growth after our discussion.
Omotayo Okewunmi
Protocol Officer, MAN of Nigeria
My Own Coach said this!
Abraham has training and facilitation skills, coaching and mentoring skills; managerial and leadership skills. I recommend him for any opportunity!
Remi Dairo
Institute of Productivity and Business Innovation Management (IPBIM) Africa.

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Coach Abraham Owoseni

Abraham Owoseni is a multiple award-winning thought-leader on life skills education and personal development. He is a renowned authority on youth development with a background in Architecture.

For close to a decade, Abraham has been on his life mission of raising young people and moulding minds. Using a unique blend of life skills, Abraham equips young professionals with the resources and support tools to grow in clarity in career, relationship and lifestyle and how it all ties together so they can become more productive and purposeful about life. 

His books, training & mentoring programs, podcast, coaching sessions and other resources on print & online media have been notable tools in remoulding thousands of minds across Africa, North America, Asia and Europe.

He is a life partner to Sarah, an early childhood expert and he’s a father to Isaac. Together, they’re fulfilling God’s purpose with global impact across the world.

I'll see you inside the Program

It’s totally online. You will get series of emails from me and also have access to your online portal and a direct online coaching session with me.

Definitely NO. I don’t, I do not even have the capacity to. The Life Harmony Challenge is a Do-It-Yourself program and committed participants who follow through will discover their unique life purposes and articulate their purpose statements as well.

Because of the discounted offer, we do not have a current installment plan on this.

Yes you can, here is the account number: 2044252713/United Bank for Africa.

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