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Ideal For Unmarried Young Adults, Bachelors and Spinsters

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I understand that your time is valuable and so let's get straight to the point, there are 3 problems right now.

Problem #1: I am not ready yet

I can imagine this feeling… That you think you are not ready yet is a problem on its own. Look at it this way, your marital life is not another different life, it is the SAME life you have. It’s just like a car with four (4) wheels. All the wheels work together for the car. Wheel 1 will not say, ‘ I am not ready’ and Wheel 2 say, ‘No ride today.’ What you need to do is, find clarity on where you’re headed and all the wheels: career, spiritual, physical and even marital will come along. This is what I call, HARMONY. 

Problem #2: This is not my FOCUS now

That’s the mistake others have made, they say,  ‘Marriage is not my focus now, I’m focused on my start-up…’ As good as that is,  like I shared earlier, your business, marriage, everything is inside the ‘car.’ The point is not about which to focus on, but building yourself to be WHOLE. A car needs brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, fuel and many others. Do you choose which to ‘focus’ on? If you spent so many years in school to prepare for a career, you must have been starving this aspect. That’s why you need clarity on this area.

Problem #3: There are no good people again

I can imagine how bad you felt from previous experiences of guilt, ‘break-ups and heart breaks.’ I really want you to heal quick. One way to do that is not to generalise or assume, but to find clarity on why what happened to you happened to you.  Your experience is only as good as your expertise. When you know better you do better.

Now if these problems sound familiar, you're probably in one of these 2 camps...

Category #1

You really wish to marry right and grow with your soulmate, build a home, raise godly children and impact lives happily together but you are not sure of where to start even with all the pretty and handsome people you meet daily.

Category #2

You feel you’re losing out on time and you just want to settle with a peaceful, loving and God-fearing partner. You have attended several weddings and you long for one day it will be yours but it still appears like a dream on how to know for sure if your desire is right…

If You Fall Under Any of These Categories, Let's Solve Those Problems - FOREVER!

The Relationship-Harmony Course is a concise course that helps you find clarity on who to marry without future regrets. 

Practical Results of Other Young Adults

I feel refreshed, inspired and ready to take on relationships on a different level
Before signing up, I basically wanted to expand my knowledge on finding the right partner, on relationship & marriage.  Now, I feel refreshed, inspired and ready to take on relationships on a different level. I have gotten a new level of purposefulness/intentionality in whatever I do in this area of life. Now I know that marriage isn't just a part of life on its own but part of my life wheel that must work together to drive my life vehicle. It's an amazing experience with Abraham Owoseni, his level of intentionality in his purpose was evident which was refreshing as well as his method of delivery. It gave a perfect view that he knew what he was talking about which has given me something to look up t
Writer & Architect
Finding the right partner and being the right partner is achievable
It has been a wonderful experience particularly grateful for the clarity and the indicators to look out for. I love how the Relationship Harmony Class was concise and relatable. Finding the right partner and being the right partner is achievable. I have been given practical guide to being a better person. It has made navigating relationship a lot more fulfilling. Abraham Owoseni is a wonderful instructor, always able to deliver on everything he promises. He is inspiring to say the least.
Software Developer

Here is what you get inside

Before the webinar, I wanted to know how to build relationships and how it can grow into courtship, now I have received clarity on the essence of marriage and who to get married to. I loved how the points were visualised. Abraham Owoseni is a teacher indeed; I love the way he broke down his explanations in simple words. I could relate with everything he taught and I'm impacted.
Fortune J.
I had issues with being timid and not being good in establishing friendships with bad communication skills and emotional imbalance. Now I have more confidence about my person and the things I want to do and how I intend to achieve them. I know how to cut off unwanted friendships without leaving in an untidy manner. I feel very elated, the Relationship Harmony Class answered lots of questions I had. Abraham Owoseni is an excellent teacher. He does not just Coach, he teaches using real life scenarios and he carried everyone along in such a way that his teachings are not centralised to particular individuals but everyone.

Pheww...That’s a Lot

You can say that again, but you see, as valuable as it is, not everyone has this access and mindset so they keep going in cycle, that shouldn’t be you.

I’m Abraham, I’m married to Sarah, my purpose mate and soulmate. I waited for four (4) solid years before she saw my brake lights and eventually parked for me.

Before the year 2011, all I thought was needed to get engaged with someone was to like the person and get along; poor me. This totally got me overwhelmed and confused as I saw lots of pretty ladies at several meetings and events. Which one would be mine??

If you’ve always desired to live a holistic life that is well-aligned to the essence of your being and purpose for living, then it’s no coincidence that our paths just crossed. This has been the essence of my being: raising young people, moulding minds.

For close to a decade, I have trained and coached more than 10,000 young people to become more purposeful and productive in career, lifestyle & relationships using my unique “SACK” method. My books, training & mentoring programs, podcast, coaching sessions and other resources on print & online media have been notable tools in remoulding thousands of minds across Africa, North America, Asia and Europe.

I want to take you along on a journey to building harmony even in your relationship as you find clarity on who to marry. 

I feel enlightened. It was an eye opener to things I haven't been paying attention to. I loved how the Relationship Harmony Class addressed a very important question, 'WHY.' It's been one more step in the right direction. It's nice to know someone who can walk you through a lot of confusion to ensure you're fine ultimately, that's my experience with Abraham Owoseni.
I’ve been able to gain more clarity on relationships and how to further harmonize my relationship to get the best out it. I love that it was easy to understand, highly valuable and engaging. I love that there’s a worksheet at the end of each module to stimulate deep thoughts, further enhance learning and take actionable steps. Abraham Owoseni is a firebrand who is highly intelligent. My experience with him is filled with valuable insights and wisdom nuggets for an wholesome relationship.
Patfort Ltd
I feel enlightened and exposed to unique dimensions to getting it right in relationship building & capacity building. I now know that a right relationship has a lot to do with fulfilling purpose and destiny. I have gotten an understanding on the importance of friendship as the basis of a relationship. Abraham Owoseni is so articulate, down to earth, welcoming and approachable, ready to help and a good listener.
Educational Clergy

Ideal for Unmarried Young Adults, Bachelors and Spinsters

Total Value – N 201, 000 / $529

Regular Price – N 50, 000 / $ 129

Today’s Price = N 11, 500 / $30

Offer Expires Soon


Abraham Owoseni is a practical, clear and straight forward trainer. You will always leave sessions with him with easily applied lessons that will surely help you achieve your goals and become a better person.
Omoniyi Mayowa
National Coordinator, Threshing House, Ecclesia Outreach
Abraham is definitely a life and career expert. He is very knowledgeable with actionable and practical steps that give results. He is also very relatable and understands the struggles one could go through in life and career.
Ogaga Johnson
Founder, Yield Leadership Initiative

And if you’re Not 100% Satisfied… Neither Am I

You can’t lose with our 100%,  ironclad, money-back guarantee  

 Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee.  

I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in an online product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste especially in a pandemic situation like this. 

But I’m super proud of the products and services I offer and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase.

 That’s why I’m offering a 3-day money-back guarantee. I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of everything you get inside the Relationship-Harmony Course plus the immense time and stress it will save you.

Online, you will get login access to the course and all resources. 

No its not. It is rather, a coaching and personal development program. I apply coaching methodologies and principles to break limiting beliefs and instill new empowering beliefs blended with divinity. That’s why it doesn’t need 10 years of marital experience

Expect your receipt of payment, onboarding mail and login details.

We prefer online payment, but if you are having issues paying through Paystack, you can make a transfer to 2044252713 /UBA and thereafter send an evidence of payment to accounts@abrahamowoseni.com so you can get your receipt and login details

This is not a certainty for marriage or engagement. However, when put to work, the value from this course, with commitment to all worksheets and exercises, you will be positioned on the path of purposeful relationships. that can lead to marriage with your due diligence, patience and practical use of the knowledge.

Remember, if you don't do the choosing, life will choose for you and it may not be the choice you want.

– Robert Anthony 


Offer Expires Soon

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