Abraham Owoseni, Ph.D.

Raising Young People Moulding Minds


As  a young adult in the University, my idea of success and life after school was defective, it was the picture I saw around – finish from school, get a job, work the job, ‘settle down’ AKA  get married, have assets, raise children and that was all. 

This was the path I was towing although I had some opportunities to learn about living with a vision, purpose discovery and similar line of thoughts, but they sounded vague to me at the time.

Still in the University, on this day of destiny, I was on my way to class in the company of a friend. As we walked into the lecture room, we had a normal conversation, so I thought about life and life after school. I was already in the 4th year at this time.

And then, my friend, Bodunrin, asked a life-defining question; he said, “Is there more than this?” For the first time in my life, I had no answer to a ‘simple’ question like I thought this was. We had talked about the course we were studying and some other conversations on life after school before he asked the questions.

I felt so bad for the rest of that day, clueless, helpless and ashamed. Being a first-class student and a brilliant chap, I always had answers to almost every question. But not that day. Then, the HolySpirit reminded me of the Scripture, “Call unto me and I will answer you and show you GREAT and MIGHTY things which YOU DO NOT KNOW.” Jeremiah 33:3.

This was an answer I did not know; then I knew I had to ask God. So I took three days out to pray and to fast, April 10, 11 and 12th of the year 2011. My request was simple, “Is there more to my life than this.” While in my University dormitory on the 12th day, I had the HolySpirit say to me,

“I am sending you to young people, instil in their hearts the fear of God; teach them my ways; bring them to my knowledge; establish my word in their lives; build youth development centres across the continents of the world.”

This assignment propelled my flight with a new perspective to life with lots of meaning and mission as against my previous idea of success. Eventually, this led to the corporate vision of Young Breeds. 

As I went about this mission through the pathways of youth ministry and higher education, God gave an addition to the assignment. This time, it was to mould the minds of people so they can achieve their personal and corporate goals. 

I understood this more as I studied more and got more insights on the power of the mind. Yes, your spirit connects you to God, but your mind connects you to the physical realm; it gives your body instructions on the actions to take.

The mind is like the middle man between the spirit and the body, whatever instructions God gives to your spirit, you still need to stretch the mind to bring it to physical reality. How do you stretch the mind? Learning and development – through training, coaching, mentorship. You can summarise the skills the mind needs into what UNICEF calls, “Life Skills,” some others call them ‘soft skills,’ but there’s nothing soft about them really. They are the core skills that stretches the boundaries of the mind to achieve great feats and deliver stellar performances both as an individual and as an institution.

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

Oliver Wendell Holmes


My goal is to stretch your mind by helping you acquire the life skills that are currently missing so you can achieve your personal and corporate goals. Not only that, but so you can also succeed and grow in all areas of life, not just in one or some, but all. This is what I call, Life Harmony.

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Youth Development

Young people are the most treasured asset of every nation; seeing them as assets & grooming them to make informed decisions in life has been my core area of passion

Life Skills Education

I have equipped thousands of young professionals with the required Life Skills to lead and live productively in career, relationships & lifestyle. This is what UNICEF calls Life Skills Based Education (LSBE)

Human Development

Through training, coaching and mentoring, I have worked with individuals, institutions and corporations to design, develop & deliver transformational learning solutions.


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One of the most resourceful professionals
Abraham Owoseni is undoubtedly one of the most resourceful professionals I have met in the field of building the human capital of other youths...
Adeniyi (Dayo Nigeria)
Founder, Matadors Leadership Institute
Passionate about human development
Abraham is a brilliant and intelligent facilitator, very passionate about human development. His ability to communicate with all categories of persons is worthy of note. Abraham is not just a friend but a trusted colleague, his interpersonal skills and amiable disposition makes him enjoy the goodwill of anyone who comes in contact with him. He is courteous, kind and a hardworking professional. Mike Biyi BSc, LL.B, BL | Mandela Washington Fellow | Writer
Mike Biyi
BSc, LL.B, BL | Mandela Washington Fellow | Writer
Most eloquent and passionate speaker
One of the most eloquent and passionate speakers and mentor I ever met
Sonia Jerry-Okondu
Fashion Designer, Creative director, interior designer and architect at Sonia Jerry artelier
His expertise is unwavering
Abraham Owoseni was a facilitator at our 2017 in-house course and he was able to provide relevant experience and information around youth development. His expertise is unwavering and his depth in youth mentoring is incomparable. Olumide Fashina, Managing Consultant/CEO, Agile P3 Limited
Olumide Fashina
Managing Consultant/CEO, Agile P3 Limited