Youth Development

Young people are the most treasured asset of every nation; seeing them as assets & grooming them to make informed decisions in career, relationships & lifestyle has been my core area of passion

Life Skills Education

I have equipped thousands of young professionals with the required Life Skills to lead and live productively in career, relationships & lifestyle. This is what UNICEF calls Life Skills Based Education (LSBE)

Human Development

Through mentoring, training, coaching & consulting, I have worked directly with young people and those that work with them to design, develop & deliver asset-based interventions

If it’s About Figuring Out What You Really Want Out of Life, I Can Help

Imagine how far you could go if you focus your energy and overcome the pressures and distractions from peers and social media?

You know it in your heart that you can be more, achieve more and even earn more but the problem is that you can’t confidently say you know what you really want in life and what lies ahead of you.

It doesn’t help that there are many options that make you feel confused and unsure if the destination you have in mind is the right one.

Don’t sweat it! You are in the right place to figure it all out and connect the dots in your career, relationships and lifestyle.

I’m Abraham Owoseni and I help young professionals to figure out what they really want out of life, so they can be more, do more and earn more


My passion is to see young professionals like YOU live full and fulfilled lives. It is my strong desire to see YOU make the best use of your youthful energy so you can achieve more and build lasting impact and influence.

My job is to help you simplify the process of figuring out what you really want. With the right resources and support, my team and I will equip YOU to define and pursue your life goals so you can be more productive and fulfilled.


My signature approach is straight forward:

1. We set out by identifying limiting beliefs hindering you from figuring out what you really want out of life;

2. We engage life coaching tools & divinity to reflect and unveil deep-seated answers towards your life purpose;

3. With this glimpse of clarity, you get equipped with the required life skills to build harmony in career, relationships & lifestyle.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to self-doubt, overwhelm and the fear of failure, then I’m here to help. You can come out of the crowd of confused young professionals, and have enviable clarity in every area of your life.

Want to begin your journey to figuring out what you really want?

Start with this FREE blueprint to find your current level of HARMONY and grow in CLARITY so you can figure out what you want in life.

When I’m not coaching young professionals, then I’m mentoring teenagers in secondary schools. If you don’t find me there, then I’m facilitating a consulting intervention or a speaking engagement or just thinking and scribbling, working on my next resource.

Random Fun Facts

(You couldn’t have guessed)

1. I am an extrovert but my look doesn’t show it

2. I think in pictures. Blame it on my Architecture degrees + my imaginative skills

3. Writing, scribbling and speaking is like food to me

4. I’m a street biker, I love cycling

5. I multitask easily across the various expressions of my work from a public speaker to a youth development professional, an educator, a friend, and mentor