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From the impact of Dr. Abraham Owoseni’s educational and youth development interventions

It is an experience I would never forget
My experience with Dr. Abraham Owoseni was one of the highlights of my final semester. I was greatly impressed when I found out he has accomplished so much and is impacting a lot of lives. I was also very pleased when he spoke in my TTG class and lectured on social impact that opened my eyes to a lot of things. It was an enriching experience and he helped me a lot in developing my skills, teaching me basic elocutions, how to be a responsive speaker, delivery dynamics and other very relevant aspects of public speaking and also in building confidence. It is an experience I would never forget.
It was an extraordinary experience with Dr. Owoseni
Dr Owoseni inspires me ALL the time. I could totally relate with what he taught today because my previous semester in school was one characterized by low motivation. I just couldn't bring myself to study and concentrate and I didn't even know why. I did not want the same to happen this new semester. This session has fired me up to go for more and work with my WHY. It was an extraordinary experience with Dr. Owoseni.
Preferred to be anonymous

Because of you, I'm doing so many things right

I was looking to decipher the right people I should get along with in my life journey as well as have clarity on who I should be in a relationship with. This mentorship session has helped me define what I want and who I should expect in my life, most importantly, I now know truly who I am – a queen of honor! I have been able to define the kind of people to journey with, the purpose mates. Now, I can easily identify them and build a connection with them. Also, I can simply discern the “MAN” I am a “WOMAN” to, the very person amongst many I can be able to help. My experience with Dr. Abraham Owoseni has been an amazing and helpful as well. Sincerely, I see him as a God’s sent to the youths and that is tied to the fact that he is always making an impact on their spiritual and social lives through education; moulding their minds into greatness. Because of you, I’m doing so many things right and I know a lot of lives has been changed because you are living your purpose on earth

Rejoice A.

I enjoyed the attention he pays to details
Honestly, I believe he has really taught us skills in Public speaking, I enjoyed the attention he pays to details and his proper preparation for our classes. Aside from the skills I`ve learnt from him, I have also learnt from him as an individual how to properly captivate people with slides design, properly involve the audience and dress properly to every lecture.
I am always inspired and motivated
I had a really wonderful time while learning under Abraham Owoseni. His lectures are always detailed; his slides have an artistic feel and are filled with knowledge. I am always inspired and motivated to be a better me after his lectures. I am really grateful to have been a part of his public speaking class.

I want more people to understand and see this light EARLY IN LIFE

I love the detailing and methods of presentation broken in modules and can be understood by all. I now have more clarity from the many lessons learnt. I also realised that in pursuing the ‘Why we are born in LIFE which determines the ‘Course of LIFE,’ we need to know that our careers are interrelated like the ecosystem; failure to play your part is like failing the entire system, no room for selfish ambitions. Every single moment I spend with Abraham Owoseni reminds me of my LIFE WORK and a double-check of my mileage. He is a blessing to the body of Christ and this generation especially ME. I want more people to understand and see this light EARLY IN LIFE. It was very impactful and mind-blowing

Daniel O.

Project Manager

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a young, dynamic leader with a track record of success. His passion for seeing young people grow and develop is out of this world. Last year I attended one of his seminars, and I went home reshaped. I have seen him teach and mentor many students and through his teaching, most of them have discovered themselves and are improving

Opeyemi Paul

Opeyemi Paul Ogundile

Educator | Financial mathematician | Quantitative analyst

Thank you for being such an amazing Coach; I am glad our paths crossed. It was an interesting time sharing my life work and career goals with you. I gained so much clarity on growth after our discussion.

Mrs Omotayo

Omotayo Okewunmi

Protocol Officer, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria MAN

Abraham on so many levels is a role model; he has the characteristics of a great leader. Well-mannered and very articulate with his words and personality. He is passionate at teaching people with the aim of letting them realize their purpose. He is responsible for a lot of positive mental mind shifts in the Nigerian youths today.


Abiodun Shonibare

Architect at Studio Stoone Designs


Super Transformative! It has been most insightful

My journey through this course has been most insightful. The Hands-on approach was most helpful as I had to fill worksheets and planners. Super Transformative! It has been most insightful. I have gleaned a lot from the last course. I now know where to channel my energy and focus as I now know where I belong. The course helped me answer very important questions that helped me understand the use of my gifts. Many professionals hand out checklists that help individuals decide on where they fit into as regards purpose and while that is helpful, it should not be the last stop. Humans are the pinnacle of God’s creation, and he has a reason for creating us and it is imperative that we seek out that purpose. It’s important to recognise our skills and natural abilities, but it is more important to find out where God wants us to utilize those abilities and this is what the Finding Essence and Meaning Course helped me to do.

Daniel I.

Tech Creative

Thank you for the Career Clarity
First, I want to say thank you for the Career Clarity Workshop you held few years back. That workshop made a lot of things clear to me and set me on the path I’m currently trailing in social impact and development. Following that workshop, I defined what my dream work should be like and I started to actively search for what industry contains my passions, so that I could pursue it as a career as opposed to just exploring them as a hobby. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I got that dream job. I’ll be working with a global organisation and leading their operations in Sub-saharan Africa.
I can now see life from a different perspective
I had a fixed mindset about relating with people both male and female, which resulted to an unhealthy relationship with people around me. It is so pleasing to know that life is a journey and we have to network with people going along our journey. I never saw this as a reason to relate with people before. This experience was an eye-opener for me; I can now see life from a different perspective concerning my relation with people. I now have a growth mindset about my relation with people and I know what to watch out when relating with people. This experience has also made me to start preparing myself for my marital life, and also maintaining a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. I thank God for knowing and meeting Abraham Owoseni as a mentor. He has been such an amazing blessing to my life. Surprisingly, every of his session have always been a blessing to every page of my life as if he knows what I'm passing through or where I am.

It was an experience I cannot forget in a hurry

It was an experience I cannot forget in a hurry, so much knowledge shared, with exercises that have helped sharpened my skills but also boosted my self-confidence. I count it as a privilege to have been under such great tutelage and would encourage everyone to join. Abraham Owoseni’s class



I heard for the first time vital points I have not heard anywhere else before

I actually wanted to be better in the way I related with others. I have gotten wisdom; I have become better in my non-verbal gestures and I am more intentional about finding my purpose. I loved the fact that, the session was practical as it related with real life situations. They really got me thinking; I was not bored at all, because it was engaging and the style at which he delivered was superb! I loved it. I heard for the first time vital points I have not heard anywhere else before. I really hope we could have more of his sessions.

Janet I.


You're going to leave with clarity & certainty

This session was extremely impactful. So many things that I had in my head prior to this class that was just so wrong; now I’ve learnt how to map out my destination and my career path. If you’re out there and you’re just so confused as to what to do; you’ve tried your hands on so many things or you’re at that place when you’re wandering, what do I do with my life, then I urge you to attend the next career live class and I can assure you, you’re going to leave with clarity and certainty.

Seun O.

Before I signed up, I needed to understand how I can discover and get more clarity about my purpose. Through the Life Harmony Challenge, I was able to understand and get insight into another dimension of my purpose. The audio content and worksheets forced me to think deeply; something one needs to do more. Abraham Owoseni is someone that obviously knows his onions and is confident in what the “Manufacturer” has called him to do – and the fruits are obvious!

T.A., Ontario, Canada

Before the session, I felt I was too relaxed in terms of conscious effort towards success. I loved how Dr. Abraham gave the human connection needed in talks; I feel motivated and it was a WAKE UP call for me. I don’t have time to be relaxed. I can’t afford to take life as a joke. I don’t want to live the foolish life. I also would begin to be intentional about what I listen to and read and think. It was an AMAZING talk. At a point it didn’t seem like a class anymore. He was audible; his bible references were relevant to the topic. I love how Dr. Abraham gave real examples

Oluwaseun O.

I wanted to know how to be responsible and how to avoid side talks about being too serious and always taking things fast. My experience with Dr. Abraham Owoseni was awesome, really amazing talk with him. He shared his life experience, he was funny and he totally caught the attention of the whole class. I have grown my confidence and the spirit of taking responsibility. I loved the way he was real and plain about the teaching using life experiences. Can he come back again? We want him to stay more time and have longer talks

Eyiwumi O.


Teaching is in Dr Abraham's core; he is indeed blessed with wisdom for his life's purpose

I loved the passion of the facilitator, the clearness of terms, the relatable nature of the examples, the creativity with the visual aids. M3 Workshop was a timely wake-up call. I particularly appreciate how Dr. Abraham empathised with young adults and their exuberance without being judgemental. Sharing some parts of his own journey also made the workshop interesting and relatable. The arrangement of the modules was really thoughtful as it made it easier to connect with the new concepts. He made talking about God so interesting. Teaching is in Dr Abraham’s core; he is indeed blessed with wisdom for his life’s purpose. I now have a renewed sense of responsibility about what I do with my time in school, a renewed interest in organising my physical and mental space.

Gbemi O.

This just came in the right season of my life.
I'm quite laid back; I just wasn't intentional to drive good success. With the teaching, I came in with the hope to gain traction. The experience was amazing and impactful. Dr. Abraham was so detailed about the teaching and his energy and passion was the bomb. He dwelt on intentionality in simple terms; this just came in the right season of my life.
I've never seen it in that fashion
Many things stood out for me, first, the introduction, it watered my appetite and got me and other leaders fired up. I loved the perspective given to the topic; it was encapsulating, from start to finish, particularly the relatable analogies and life experiences and the structure. I gained a perspective to balance between mere survival and my journey to global relevance with a better understanding of the skills needed. Abraham Owoseni gave a perfect first impression, the warm acceptability and unrestrained display of energy! I'm overwhelmed. I've never seen it in that fashion. Thank you, sir

I was challenged to be the best version of myself

Right from my childhood, I’ve had some bad and wrong mindset about life. I lacked self-respect and always want to be a follower. After gaining admission into the University, seeing things happening around me, I knew that I couldn’t settle for the less.  “Stay in your habitat,” that word got me thinking, am I staying in my habitat? During the webinar, he cited the example of a fish; the habitat of a fish is inside the water and if it goes out of it, it can only survive for a while. “What problem are you solving in the global economy?” As of now, I’m not solving any problem. I’ve always had this mindset that as a student, everything is about books and making a first-class. My experience with Abraham Owoseni… Let me say that I was blessed. I was challenged to be the best version of myself, have a good mindset about life, stay in my habitat and be a problem solver.

Preferred to be Anonymous


I've had a new dimension of thought like never before

I wanted clarity on how to balance the various aspects of my life; I’ve learnt that all the other parts of my life would be hinged on the success of the spiritual aspect. Going forward, whilst I keep other parts in harmony, I’ll prioritize the spiritual aspect the more. I love the fact that it has helped me gain more clarity on things to focus on as a man. That my being a man is hinged on the harmony of all sectors of life. The session has also helped me truly define what it means to be a man, beyond sexuality. Dr. Abraham is a blessing. Since meeting him, I’ve had a new dimension of thought like never before. I love the way he speaks with simplicity, breaks it down to the barest level of understanding and genuinely care that people are impacted. He is the definition of leadership.

Kingsley C.

Now I know the right steps to take and how to avoid ‘distractions’
Before joining, I had confusion as regards my career. Now I know the right steps to take and how to avoid ‘distractions’. I've also realised that the major problem I had was with my mindset. I’m glad on the practical steps to take and the mindset transformation process that has started for me to fast-track my career journey. A very impactful experience; Abraham is a knowledgeable person with a passion for teaching youth and guiding them on the right path
Temitope O.
Abraham Owoseni is friendly, he is an intentional person
Before now, I needed clarity in choosing my spouse, now I can make a purposeful choice; I've been enlightened. I love the ambience of the Relationship Harmony Class; the atmosphere was cool. I could easily express myself without holding back my thoughts. Abraham Owoseni is friendly, he is an intentional person. I appreciate his value for people and how he is able to carry people along.

You are a pragmatic teacher with deep insights

You are thorough in your teaching and you make it so simple that any dummy can understand. You are a pragmatic teacher with deep insights. Your charisma coupled with your character makes you a perfect leader. I’m always looking forward to any mentoring section with you because there is always something new to learn. I love you so much sir

David B.


I have been given practical guide to being a better person

It has been a wonderful experience particularly grateful for the clarity and the indicators to look out for. I love how the Relationship Harmony Class was concise and relatable. Finding the right partner and being the right partner is achievable. I have been given practical guide to being a better person. It has made navigating relationship a lot more fulfilling. Abraham Owoseni is a wonderful instructor, always able to deliver on everything he promises. He is inspiring to say the least.


I had issues with being timid and not being good in establishing friendships with bad communication skills and emotional imbalance. Now I have more confidence about my person and the things I want to do and how I intend to achieve them. I know how to cut off unwanted friendships without leaving in an untidy manner. I feel very elated, the Relationship Harmony Class answered lots of questions I had. Abraham Owoseni is an excellent teacher. He does not just Coach, he teaches using real life scenarios and he carried everyone along in such a way that his teachings are not centralised to particular individuals but everyone.



I feel enlightened. It was an eye opener to things I haven’t been paying attention to. I loved how the Relationship Harmony Class addressed a very important question, ‘WHY.’ It’s been one more step in the right direction. It’s nice to know someone who can walk you through a lot of confusion to ensure you’re fine ultimately, that’s my experience with Abraham Owoseni.



The personalised workbook and worksheet was a big win for me, the personal exercise was good; it helped I had to objectively rate myself. Abraham Owoseni is very good and inspiring; he spoke with purpose and understanding.

Preferred to be Anonymous


I wish every young person can see and hear this

I wanted to master how to build a robust relationship with God; this session was an external force to pull me out from my inertia state. Different lessons to learn especially on the path of my destin(y)ation, the transport analogy gave the clearer picture. I wish every young person can see and hear this. You threw more light in choosing a life partner, I love this part so much because it has always been my passion for young people to equip themselves with the right information and also prepare themselves ahead of the future they’ve envisioned. The scripture, “Don’t arouse love, until it’s time” got me thinking. Dr. Abraham has been someone I secretly follow; his ways and footsteps because I believe in him as someone or a template to look up to. My experience with him has been amazing. Dr. Abraham Owoseni ignites the giftings inside of me. He has always been the nitro boost I needed at every phase of my life.

David A.

I've been inspired to go back to the drawing board
By attending this live class today, I have been inspired and enlightened. I've really learnt a lot. Before, I thought I knew what I was supposed to do and the career I'm interested in, but that was not just all. I've been able to look at my career in a perspective where it is not only about me, but what I can do for others. I've been inspired to go back to the drawing board.
Abraham always brings out the best in you
Abraham's passion to always make a change and develop the minds of young people is very evident and effective in all his activities. Working with Abraham always brings out the best in you as we end up achieving the goal in flying colours.

Dr. Abraham is so good at what he does. His classes are insightful and enlightening

Before the session, I was looking forward to managing relationship as a mission-driven queen. Now, I am more enlightened, I know that any relationship I will be going to will help me and also help my partner to become better, we may not be going to the exact place but we are headed towards the same direction.  The class was so insightful and for me I love stories a lot; it helps me relate well to what the speaker is saying. Dr. Abraham is so good at what he does. His classes are insightful and enlightening, he shares from his overflow of experience and knowledge

Opeyemi A.


I love Abraham Owoseni’s books; how he uses real life experiences

I have great respect for boundaries but people tag it being too strict or anti-social. Reading this book has helped me further realize I am doing the right thing. Your communication with an acquaintance can’t be the same as close friends. Also when I become close with people in the past I subconsciously shut out everyone else. But that has changed. It was an amazing and very insightful read. The most-catchy part for me is that the line, ‘Love is backed up with great responsibility.’ It is not just an emotion. It’s a choice to sacrifice and give your all. I have a better understanding about destinations. I love Abraham Owoseni’s books; how he uses real life experiences to explain his teachings is very relatable. I feel like the book ended too soon Lol. Seems like there is so much more in between every sentence.

Temitayo A.

Reading the book Camp Us, I loved the fact that the author was able to share his personal experiences in the book which made me eager to keep on reading till the end and it changed my perspective on certain things (mostly the aspect of maturity). And also the fact that I got advice an alumni who finished with a First class, so awesome. I am now tolerant unlike before in relating with people around me; I think of others consciously and I am hoping for maturity in other areas by the grace of God. My experience with the author has been insightful, impactful, delightful, light-full. It has just been mind-blowing. Glory to God! I wish the book had more pages though.

Preferred to be Anonymous

I am in a leadership position but I have been struggling with how to be an effective leader and influence people. I’ve received so many nuggets during the session. It was a wonderful experience. Even if I was dozing off at some point (I believe it was just a plot of the devil to make me not get the treasures from the session), I decided to stand up and ensure I got as much as I could from the session. I loved the slides and practical illustrations! I’m really passionate about design and seeing how good the slides were really made me listen. The interactive session, the videos, the scriptures, all were really motivating and I just felt my mind opening up

Nnenna A.

I left that class with a new knowledge; a new view of responsibility. Realizing that I’m responsible for where I end up in life and finally understanding the various aspects of my life where responsibility is needed has really opened my mind. I believe I’m more motivated now, more than ever, to take up the responsibility for my life. It was mindset-restructuring, to say the least. I’m glad I paid attention instead of browsing or sleeping off, like I’d previously thought I’d do. Thank you very much sir for your words of enlightenment. It was taught in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Unlike some other teachings on the same subject which I’ve listened to, this one was actually relatable and didn’t seem too far-fetched or overtly idealistic. This is the best I’ve been privileged to be a part of.

Osajimere A.


It was easy to understand, highly valuable and engaging.

I’ve been able to gain more clarity on relationships and how to further harmonize my relationship to get the best out it. I love that it was easy to understand, highly valuable and engaging. I love that there’s a worksheet at the end of each module to stimulate deep thoughts, further enhance learning and take actionable steps. Abraham Owoseni is a firebrand who is highly intelligent. My experience with him is filled with valuable insights and wisdom nuggets for an wholesome relationship.


I am definitely on a better track now as a result of this
I think the major thing is struggled with was with identifying the vision and setting the goals, and often times procrastination sets in, but hearing you reminded us of the opportunity called time; it was a real wakeup call. I must confess, I had a pre-conceived idea that it was going to be one of those "aspire to acquire" sessions, but my expectation was dis-appointed. This session is the best I have heard (in a while) as to setting goals and I particularly loved the God view to goals and visions. You reminded me of things that I've overlooked. I sat back and pondered (still is pondering) on many things you shared, but the one that still resonates is how our Spirit maps, our Mind moulds and our body moves our goals and visions. I also loved the simplicity and subtle force in your ministration. May the Lord bless and replenish you. Thank you so much sir. I am definitely on a better track now as a result of this. I have decided to evaluate the motive behind many of my goals and submit to the will of the master.
Bimbo J.
I was able to sit down to clarify life, redefine my steps
Before I came on the Life Harmony Challenge, I had self- esteem/self- confidence issues. The Life Harmony challenge was a life changing adventure for me. It defined various prospects of my life and how I saw these things. In less than 10 days, I was able to sit down to clarify life, redefine my steps on how to achieve these goals, think deeply to identify the obstacles and how to take actions for these things and most importantly, aligning my career, lifestyle and others with my life purpose. I loved the teachings and the coaching session. The teachings were so relatable; I loved the part where we needed to go to think deeply about life, answering those questions. Lastly, the coaching session was far above my expectations, I could easily relate with the Coach. He was so ready and willing to put me through, to explain areas I found challenging. Special thanks to Mr. Abraham Owoseni for the opportunity, the time, support and consistency
Oluwadamilola G.

This is one experience that I would love to relieve each time

Before the bootcamp, I was confused about my career and purpose. I’ve gotten clarity; this is one experience that I would love to relieve each time. I would love to go over the sessions time and time again, it was a beautiful experience. Each session was detailed; the teaching aids were highly engaging. I love that it made me think through every session. Abraham Owoseni is an amazing teacher, detailed with a high communication skill. I pray he reaches every height God has destined him to.

Favour G.

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