Executive Coaching

One-on-one executive coaching sessions

Thank you for your precious time to visit this page. Through the executive coaching with Dr. Abraham Owoseni, you get on one-on-one private coaching sessions based on your preferred coaching package.

Do you crave for clarity and drive towards your desired goals? With life coaching tools and methodologies, you will be able to define your goals in clear proven terms, with the right motivation; accountability and responsibility to stretch from your comfort zone. Coaching will help you unlock the giant and answers that lies dormant within you.


Some of the benefits you will derive from our coaching include:

Enabling you to find clarity in a situation where currently you feel unsure of what is the ‘next step’ to take;

Help for you to find your best decision making state of mind so that you can trust your choices and move forward without doubt

Help you with strategies to achieve what you want

A support mechanism to stretch you out of your comfort (or discomfort) zone

Someone to help you maintain motivation on action where you might previously have given up

Dr. Abraham’s coaching methodology is hinged on the concept called harmony. The reason is this, life is best lived in harmony whereby every sphere including career, academic, emotional, social, relationships, and lifestyle are in alignment and agreement, to form a wholesome man and woman. As a result, we offer career-harmony, lifestyle-harmony, relationship-harmony and life harmony coaching program.

Which of these executive coaching packages would you prefer?

We jump on a free twenty (20) minutes discovery call with Dr. Abraham Owoseni to identify your coaching needs and expectations. Please go ahead and book your discovery call.

Thereafter, you begin your coaching session(s) based on your booked preferred coaching package as shown below .

Choose your package and process payment to commence

Choose the perfect plan

Please book your preferred coaching package and process payment to commence. All coaching sessions are virtual on Zoom/Google Meet or agreed video conferencing platform



One-time Coaching




One month Coaching



Two months Coaching

Why Choose me as your Coach?

Active Listening

I pay attention to my coaching clients to uncover limiting beliefs and replace with empowering beliefs

Pragmatic and Analytical Mind

Skilled on breaking things into smaller compartments for practical and actionable solutions.

Purpose & Passion Driven

Life coaching for me is a calling as a result; I'm passionate to help people and support growth and development holistically.


There's more. I'm always going forward; as a result I push and pull my clients to achieve more as well, leaving their comfort zone and stretching for more. I'm result-driven yet friendly and hospitable to arrive at solutions.

I can't wait to be your Coach

About your Coach, Dr. Abraham Owoseni

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a seasoned thought-leader in the fields of education & youth development with inter-disciplinary experience and expertise in learning and development, life coaching, youth work, architecture, and higher education. For over a decade, Abraham has been on his life mission of raising young people & moulding minds. He does this as an Education & Youth Development Specialist, Life Harmony Coach, Speaker & Trainer on Life Skills. He is the Lead Coach and Leadership Architect of MindMould, an ed-tech hub and human development agency focused on equipping individuals and institutions with life skills and digital resources required for purposeful and productive living through life harmony coaching, professional training, and consulting to bridge the gap in knowledge, congruence and attainment of personal and corporate goals. He has given over 550 structured presentations since 2011, Dr. Abraham has facilitated topical life skills as a speaker and trainer with accruing feedback of improved productivity, clarity, empowered beliefs, increased motivation and work effectiveness. His delivery inspires actionable learning experience and a profound mindset shift. He has facilitated for the African Leadership Development Centre, African Economic Mandate Project, Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies, Skill And Talent Academy, Agile P3 Limited, Spazio Ideale Interior Designers, among others. In response to the widening life skills gap in the developmental process of young people, Abraham founded Young Breeds, a faith-based global youth-focused non-profit organization to provide value-based education, support and opportunities to bridge the life skills gap so that young people can find identity, become productive and purposeful and as a result, make informed decisions in various areas of life. Since 2013, Young Breeds has groomed over 6,921 direct beneficiaries of children, teenagers and young adults across various development initiatives and over 20,000 indirect beneficiaries. www.youngbreeds.org Abraham has earned formal competencies including a doctorate and several certifications in education, productivity, life coaching, social innovation, neuro-cognitive consonance, lean six sigma, leadership, pedagogy amongst others in a relentless pursuit of personal development and lifelong learning. His educational programs and youth development interventions have improved the developmental outcomes of more than 12,000 young people since 2011. His publications including books, scientific articles, conference proceedings, training programs, podcast, coaching sessions and other resources on print & online media have been notable tools in remoulding thousands of minds across Africa, North America, Asia and Europe. Based on the impact of his work, he has been a recipient of many awards & honours such as the “Educator of the Week”, “Outstanding Education Supporting Individual Award”, “Alumni Hero Award for Outstanding Leadership”, “Outstanding Recognition Award for Contribution to Youth and Human Development, ” “Social Innovators Award”, “Honours Award of Outstanding Contribution” and other academic and service awards.


Can I pay via transfer?

If you prefer to complete your booking via transfers, please make it to MindMould Resources; Account Number: 5800037187 / Heritage Bank

Send us an evidence of payment aferwards to accounts@abrahamowoseni.com

What do I need to do to start?

Your desire for growth! Plus your openness and willingness. 

Please be assured of your confidentiality all through your coaching. 

What's the Coaching Process like?

I will be asking a lot of questions requiring your answers during our coaching calls.

In the process of waiting for your answer, there may be silence, I will be comfortable with it, and it may give you more time to reflect.

During the coaching, I may interrupt you by calling your name, to draw meanings to previously answered questions. 

Sessions will end with action plan, assignments and take-aways.


I will encourage, and motivate you to keep you focused on your desired outcomes by helping you to clarify exactly what it is you want. I will also:

  • help you identify any obstacles you may have to overcome along the way
  • look at all your options
  • help you to set and achieve those important goals
  • use ‘tools’ and techniques to assist you in moving away from fear of failure and towards confidence at your own pace


Please reach us at contact@abrahamowoseni.com | We’ll respond promptly.

Can I read testimonials of past clients of Dr. Abraham?

Yes please, kindly visit https://abrahamowoseni.com/testimonials/ to read tons of the featured testimonials. We do hope that yours will be next.

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