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The Architecture of Goals: How to Design, Develop and Live Out Your Goals Seamlessly

Goal Planning Simulator (GPS): A Workbook for Designing, Developing and Living Out Your Goals Seamlessly

Lead-a-Ship: Navigating Success in Managerial Positions [Sail your Team to Excellence and High-performance]

E-Motions: How to Work with the Head and the Hand Without Losing the Heart

The Next Chapter: How to Navigate the Next Season of Life with Clarity & Confidence [2nd Edition]

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Meet Dr. Abraham Owoseni

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a versatile transformational leader on a life mission to mould minds and raise young people.

With a track record of igniting greatness and inspiring thousands to achieve their personal & corporate goals, Dr. Abraham contributes to the global economy and the kingdom as an Assistant Professor, Life & Leadership Coach, Youth Minister, Author, Global Speaker, and Corporate Trainer. Recognized as a thought leader in education and youth development, Dr. Abraham brings a wealth of multidisciplinary expertise to his global expressions drawn from training and development, life coaching, non-profit management, publishing, youth ministry, architecture, and higher education.

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