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Abraham Owoseni, Ph.D.

Hi There, I'm Dr. Abraham Owoseni

On a Global Mission of Raising Young People and Moulding Minds

I do this as a Multiple Award-winning Educator and Youth Development Specialist, Minister, Life Harmony Coach, Author, Speaker & Trainer on Life Skills.

As a Life Harmony Coach, I help young adults acquire the right mindset and skillset to build a wholesome & holistic life, so they can get established in their careers, relationships and lifestyle using my unique "SACK" method. I've trained and coached more than 12,000 young people to live life to the fullest, without regrets and overwhelms thereby leading a successful life 360°

Would you want to be among the top tier exceptional 1% of young adults, living intentionally, glowing and growing holistically?

If YES, then, you're in the right place. Let me know how I can be of service to you

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Imagine making more meaningful use of time and life, achieving more fulfilling results without doubts and fears? Imagine the impact, influence and income from such an intentional, holistic life? Let me coach you

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