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A Brilliant and Intelligent Facilitator
Abraham is a brilliant and intelligent facilitator, very passionate about human development. His ability to communicate with all categories of persons is worthy of note. Abraham is not just a friend but a trusted colleague, his interpersonal skills and amiable disposition makes him enjoy the goodwill of anyone who comes in contact with him. He is courteous, kind and a hardworking professional.
Mike Biyi
BSc, LL.B, BL | Mandela Washington Fellow | Writer
Speaking with Authority and Conviction
The spirit of delivery of speech by the invited guest, Dr. Abraham Owoseni, is highly invigorating and enthusiastic with passion, speaking with authority and conviction and reaching deep into the innermost taught of understanding of all wise trained educators. All I learned from the beginning of his speech until now is worth applauding, listening to, and applying in real life. Thank you so much Sir.
Shogbein O.A.
Doregos Private Academy, Ipaja, Lagos

As a seasoned thought leader in education and human development, my influence extends beyond the stage, leaving an indelible mark on audiences globally. Since 2011, my  teachings on life skills and his message of all-round success and holistic development have been instrumental in transforming countless lives worldwide with more than 100 keynotes and public lectures delivered along with more than 650 structured presentations. 

I specialize in delivering inspirational keynotes and engaging in various settings, from conferences to expert round tables, panel sessions, retreats, seminars, in-service trainings, faith-based ministrations, career days, literary and orientation weeks, to graduation and commencement ceremonies. My multidisciplinary expertise allows me to connect with diverse audiences, providing wholesome value in every presentation.

With expertise in program and instructional design, I bring methodical precision to my sessions, ensuring an easy-to-follow pace and a passionate energy that enhances the overall learning experience. My extensive portfolio includes over 16 books, scientific articles, conference proceedings, and contributions to 17 media appearances on radio and TV, along with hosting 60 podcast episodes. These avenues continue to reach and impact minds across Africa, North America, Asia, and Europe.

When you book me for your next event, you’re not just securing a speaker; you’re inviting an impactful force dedicated to moulding minds and transforming lives. Explore my speaking page at, where you’ll find my speaker and press kit, profile, and details on how to book me. I am available for virtual and in-person talks and am ready to travel globally, bringing this wealth of experience to your audience and creating an unforgettable event.

Most Eloquent and Passionate Speaker
One of the most eloquent and passionate speakers and mentor I ever met
Sonia Jerry-Okondu
Fashion Designer, Creative director, interior designer and architect at Sonia Jerry artelier
His Expertise is Unwavering
Abraham Owoseni was a facilitator at our 2017 in-house course and he was able to provide relevant experience and information around youth development. His expertise is unwavering and his depth in youth mentoring is incomparable. Olumide Fashina, Managing Consultant/CEO, Agile P3 Limited
Olumide Fashina
Managing Consultant/CEO, Agile P3 Limited

holistic education & human development

Mr. Abraham really helped us
When Mr. Abraham came this morning, in my mind I was like, ok I'm not going to listen because this is like every random talk show my school is ever going to help us with but then he said something that caught my attention; then I knew he had something to say and he has something I need to know. That was when I started listening and I gained some really core things. Mr. Abraham said something about living: there is a difference between being alive and living. We have to know what we want and what we are meant to do on the earth. We have two very important days in our lives: the day we are born and the day we know why we are born. Thank you, Mr. Abraham really helped us.
Anabel Ajose
Bethel American International School, Fiditi, Oyo State, Nigeria​
One of the Most Passionate Speakers I have ever met
Abraham is one of the most passionate speakers I have ever met; his passion for youth empowerment is exceptional. He is the pure example of the kind of leaders and change-makers the world needs.
Daniel Ifeanyi Ojinaka
Operations Associate at TeamApt
I heard for the first time vital points I have not heard anywhere else before
I actually wanted to be better in the way I related with others. I have gotten wisdom; I have become better in my non-verbal gestures and I am more intentional about finding my purpose. I loved the fact that, the session was practical as it related with real life situations. They really got me thinking; I was not bored at all, because it was engaging and the style at which he delivered was superb! I loved it. I heard for the first time vital points I have not heard anywhere else before. I really hope we could have more of his sessions.
Ikhile Janet
Graduating Student, Covenant University

What's Special About my Sessions?


Actionable Steps

Over the years, my sessions have been characterised to leave the audience with actions they can execute and steps they can take immediately


I know that 95 percent of human actions is sub-conscious and only 5 percent is conscious. With this in mind, my sessions are focused to cause a practical mindset shift.

Inspired Learning Experience

I do not fluff or copy to speak. My sessions are inspired, bespoke and delivered uniquely with insights and strategies tailored to your audience. No two sessions are the same

delivery dynamics

I deliver passionately blending with my choleric personality and a good sense of humour. My joy is to see minds moulded and to see your audience get better, do better and be better.

I am currently accepting speaking engagements for physical & virtual presentations globally as availability allows

Practical, clear and straight forward trainer
Abraham Owoseni is a practical, clear and straight forward trainer. You will always leave sessions with him with easily applied lessons that will surely help you achieve your goals and become a better person.
Omoniyi Temitope Mayowa
National Coordinator, Threshing House, Ecclesia Outreach
We can't forget the experience quickly
Words are inadequate to express our profound gratitude for the soul enriching message and teaching. We can't forget the experience quickly as testimonies of reawakening were evident among our youth. Thank you so much for being such a great blessing, we look forward to another glorious moment with you.
Pastor Lanre Kayode
FGC.Kubwa District. Abuja, Nigeria

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I loved the practicality and simplicity of your teaching
I loved the practicality and simplicity of your teaching; loaded with lots of insight and the delivery made sure that everyone could relate and understand. And also I loved how you carried the class through to the end - something very difficult to do in a virtual class. I have been able to understand practically how to gainfully engage and maintain a healthy mentorship relationship. It has been impactful, very impactful and inspiring. It's a blessing knowing Abraham Owoseni
Maduabuchi Nnuji
Educator & Convener, School on the Rock

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