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Get my books and resource materials for undiluted insights and mindsets for harmonious living and holistic development. My principal reason for documenting the unique insights, revelations and pragmatic strategies God unveils to me is to bridge the gap in holistic development of young people thereby, cascading the global mission of raising young people and moulding lives.

Since 2014, my books have been a blessing to thousands of lives across the globe. In the words of Vera Nazarian, “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” It’s not luck, it’s light! Good books are the carriers of great light.


What current result do you intend to achieve? What resource can help you get it? Find it, then go for it.


I love Abraham Owoseni’s books; how he uses real life experiences

I have great respect for boundaries but people tag it being too strict or anti-social. Reading this book has helped me further realize I am doing the right thing. Your communication with an acquaintance can’t be the same as close friends. Also when I become close with people in the past I subconsciously shut out everyone else. But that has changed. It was an amazing and very insightful read. The most-catchy part for me is that the line, ‘Love is backed up with great responsibility.’ It is not just an emotion. It’s a choice to sacrifice and give your all. I have a better understanding about destinations. I love Abraham Owoseni’s books; how he uses real life experiences to explain his teachings is very relatable. I feel like the book ended too soon Lol. Seems like there is so much more in between every sentence.

Temitayo A.


The Career Leader

A guide to Purposeful Career and Influential Leadership. Break free from dissatisfaction, career uncertainties and lack of fulfilment with this timeless resource

Potent-Intent Tracker

[Printable Worksheet] for identifying, developing, and deploying all of your God-given endowments into global skills 

Life Harmony Blueprint

How to Connect the Dots, Live Intentionally & Position for All-round Success


The Maturity Handbook

: How to Design, Develop and Live Out Your Goals Seamless

Goal Setting Quickie

A Quick Fix to Getting Better Results & Setting Higher-Order Goals

The Maturity Handbook

30 Days of Deep Reflections, Uncommon Wisdom, and All-round Development

Goal Setting Quickie

A Quick Fix to Getting Better Results & Setting Higher-Order Goals

Goal Planning Simulator

This printable planner helps you to set goals in harmony in all areas of life.


Camp Us

A Memoir for a Smooth Academic Sail in the Higher Institution

Personal Development Planner

[Printable] Plan your growth just as you plan your diet and see how refined you become

Life During & After School

How to Make Schooling Fun & Exciting Without Painful Memories & Future Regrets

Friendship | Campus Life | Family | Careers

The Next Chapter

How to Navigate the Next Season of Life After School



How to Start the Friendship that Leads to Courtship Without Shipwreck

The In-Betweens

How to Navigate Relationships Beyond the Ecstasy of Rings, Flowers and Perfect Pictures

Starting a New Home

A Young Adult’s Guide to a Well-balanced Family Life

Values of a Father

Fatherhood-Parenting and Nation Building

About the Author, Dr. Abraham Owoseni

Certified Life Coach, Speaker & Trainer on Life Skills, Author, University Don & Youth Pastor, Dr. Abraham helps young people build the right foundation early in life so they can get established and lead purposeful and productive lives without regrets. He coaches adolescents and young adults to acquire the right mindset and skillset to build a wholesome and holistic life in their careers, relationships and lifestyle. His message of holistic development has impacted thousands of lives and transformed young people following his life mission of raising young people & moulding minds. For more details, please visit

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