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Abraham Owoseni, Ph.D.

I inspire the 1% of young people and organisations who work with them to lead purposeful and productive lives without fears & guess works, so they can transition successfully to adulthood, build a wholesome life in their careers, relationships & lifestyle using my unique “SACK” method.

I do this via life coaching, higher education, training & development,  youth ministry,  publishing.

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Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a young, dynamic leader with a track record of success. His passion for seeing young people grow and develop is out of this world. Last year I attended one of his seminars, and I went home reshaped. I have seen him teach and mentor many students and through his teaching, most of them have discovered themselves and are improving

Opeyemi Paul

Opeyemi Paul Ogundile

Educator | Financial mathematician | Quantitative analyst

Thank you for being such an amazing Coach; I am glad our paths crossed. It was an interesting time sharing my life work and career goals with you. I gained so much clarity on growth after our discussion.

Mrs Omotayo

Omotayo Okewunmi

Protocol Officer, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria MAN

Abraham on so many levels is a role model; he has the characteristics of a great leader. Well-mannered and very articulate with his words and personality. He is passionate at teaching people with the aim of letting them realize their purpose. He is responsible for a lot of positive mental mind shifts in the Nigerian youths today.


Abiodun Shonibare

Architect at Studio Stoone Designs

Life is best lived in Harmony

not disjointed parts

As a young adult, you may be thinking, how do I master all areas of my life and succeed in all at the same time?


The norm is to ‘focus’ on one aspect of life and wait until a time of life, when you’re ‘ready.’ But that’s like eating only one class of diet when you can have all classes in one meal. What if I can show you the faster way?


Let’s face it, you have one life and you don’t have a spare. The faster way is for you to build harmony! That way, you can achieve holistic growth for all-round success in careers, relationships & lifestyle without fear, overwhelm & regrets.


I want more people to understand and see this light EARLY IN LIFE

I love the detailing and methods of presentation broken in modules and can be understood by all. I now have more clarity from the many lessons learnt. I also realised that in pursuing the ‘Why we are born in LIFE which determines the ‘Course of LIFE,’ we need to know that our careers are interrelated like the ecosystem; failure to play your part is like failing the entire system, no room for selfish ambitions. Every single moment I spend with Abraham Owoseni reminds me of my LIFE WORK and a double-check of my mileage. He is a blessing to the body of Christ and this generation especially ME. I want more people to understand and see this light EARLY IN LIFE. It was very impactful and mind-blowing

Daniel O.

Project Manager

Teaching is in Dr Abraham's core; he is indeed blessed with wisdom for his life's purpose
I loved the passion of the facilitator, the clearness of terms, the relatable nature of the examples, the creativity with the visual aids. M3 Workshop was a timely wake-up call. I particularly appreciate how Dr. Abraham empathised with young adults and their exuberance without being judgemental. Sharing some parts of his own journey also made the workshop interesting and relatable. The arrangement of the modules was really thoughtful as it made it easier to connect with the new concepts. He made talking about God so interesting. Teaching is in Dr Abraham's core; he is indeed blessed with wisdom for his life's purpose. I now have a renewed sense of responsibility about what I do with my time in school, a renewed interest in organising my physical and mental space.
Gbemi O.
I can now see life from a different perspective
I had a fixed mindset about relating with people both male and female, which resulted to an unhealthy relationship with people around me. It is so pleasing to know that life is a journey and we have to network with people going along our journey. I never saw this as a reason to relate with people before. This experience was an eye-opener for me; I can now see life from a different perspective concerning my relation with people. I now have a growth mindset about my relation with people and I know what to watch out when relating with people. This experience has also made me to start preparing myself for my marital life, and also maintaining a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. I thank God for knowing and meeting Abraham Owoseni as a mentor. He has been such an amazing blessing to my life. Surprisingly, every of his session have always been a blessing to every page of my life as if he knows what I'm passing through or where I am.
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Learn beyond the boarders of school. Get access to courses & coaching here to build harmony


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Many Lives Transformed


I wish every young person can see and hear this

I wanted to master how to build a robust relationship with God; this session was an external force to pull me out from my inertia state. Different lessons to learn especially on the path of my destin(y)ation, the transport analogy gave the clearer picture. I wish every young person can see and hear this. You threw more light in choosing a life partner, I love this part so much because it has always been my passion for young people to equip themselves with the right information and also prepare themselves ahead of the future they’ve envisioned. The scripture, “Don’t arouse love, until it’s time” got me thinking. Dr. Abraham has been someone I secretly follow; his ways and footsteps because I believe in him as someone or a template to look up to. My experience with him has been amazing. Dr. Abraham Owoseni ignites the giftings inside of me. He has always been the nitro boost I needed at every phase of my life.

David A.

I’ve been able to gain more clarity on relationships and how to further harmonize my relationship to get the best out it. I love that it was easy to understand, highly valuable and engaging. I love that there’s a worksheet at the end of each module to stimulate deep thoughts, further enhance learning and take actionable steps. Abraham Owoseni is a firebrand who is highly intelligent. My experience with him is filled with valuable insights and wisdom nuggets for an wholesome relationship.



Patfort Ltd

Before the bootcamp, I was confused about my career and purpose. I’ve gotten clarity; this is one experience that I would love to relieve each time. I would love to go over the sessions time and time again, it was a beautiful experience. Each session was detailed; the teaching aids were highly engaging. I love that it made me think through every session. Abraham Owoseni is an amazing teacher, detailed with a high communication skill. I pray he reaches every height God has destined him to.

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Favour Godwill

Social Entrepreneur

Why I do What I do



The revelation of my life mission has propelled me on a journey to raising young people & moulding minds. I do this with a remarkable passion towards improving the developmental outcomes for young people through education & youthwork


The burden to fill the life skills gap and the haphazard development of young people led to institutionalizing Young Breeds, a faith-based youth-focused nonprofit organisation promoting children & youth development.


Similarly,I curated MindMould, an ed-tech hub focused on equipping young adults and institutions that work with them with life skills required for purposeful and productive living through life harmony coaching, professional training, and digital resources.

What if you can start living in harmony? That way you can navigate the fears & uncertainties you have in your career, relationships & lifestyle?

Imagine the clarity and harmony you can have. I can help

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