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Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a renowned authority & thought-leader in the fields of education & youth development with multidisciplinary experience and expertise in youth ministry, training and development, life coaching, publishing, architecture, and higher education.

Abraham Owoseni, PhD

Youth Development Specialist, Certified Life & Leadership Coach, Assistant Professor, Author, Speaker & Trainer on Life Skills

My life purpose & dispatch to the earth is premised on a twin-engine mission which has been propelling my flight for more than a decade: raising young people, moulding minds. I do this as a multidisciplinary professional and global thought-leader. Give me a chance to impact your world!

Impact Stories

Transformed lives

He is someone that obviously knows his onions and is confident in what the “Manufacturer” has called him to do – and the fruits are obvious!

Tola Adefidipe


I see him as a master life designer; he has influenced thousands of lives the world over through his speaking engagements, books, and most importantly, his life.

David Igbokwe, PhD

He has his own unique way of teaching that will never leave you the same

Emmanuel Adeifa

His inspiring word can never go stale. He continues to release truth and words of wisdom for the current and future generations

Damilola Eluyela, PhD


I can best describe him as someone who impacts lives with the entirety of his being

Omotola Olori

A pragmatic teacher with deep insights. Your charisma coupled with your character makes you a perfect leader

David Bright


Three things have remained constant for me: my passion for environment, education and empowerment.

Youth Development

I have dedicated over 12 years as a youth development specialist, working to improve the developmental outcomes of young people using a unique ‘SPECS’ framework. As a result, I founded Young Breeds, a global youth ministry established to see a world where young people live full and fulfilled, spirit, soul & body and successfully transition to adulthood. Through campuses of Youth Development Centres, as safe spaces and learning environments, Young Breeds provides the right environment, education and empowerment required to groom a new breed of adolescents and young adults with more than 12,000 reached since 2013.

Higher Education

For over 8 consecutive sessions, I have contributed to advancing the body of knowledge by proffering global innovative solutions to educational infrastructure and education delivery through research, teaching and community development. As an Assistant Professor with a massive teaching reputation, I have received over 18 honours award and academic recognitions, served in 25 leadership positions, supervised 25 undergraduate and postgraduate students. With an excellent teaching gift and communication skill, I deploy my pedagogical skills to aid young people’s holistic development.


As a thought-leader, I am frequently invited to give keynotes, public lectures and facilitate knowledge sharing sessions on radio, TV, in-person and virtual events on topical life skills for non-profits, education districts, schools, SMEs, and faith-based institutions that work with young people solving perennial issues around the stunted growth of young people, lack of direction, alignment and life harmony for young adults and the inadequate safe spaces & responsive learning environments for young people. With over 13 media appearances, 100+ keynotes and public lectures delivered with over 600+ talks given, 60+ podcast episodes and 13 life-transforming books published, thousands of minds across Africa, North America, Asia and Europe have been reached.


I see a world where human minds are well-moulded to achieve personal and corporate goals. As a result, I serve as the Lead Trainer of MindMould, a training and human development agency equipping individuals and institutions with mental resources to multiply their productivity and profitability. Through unique learning solutions, MindMould provides leadership training services to corporations and businesses in search of upscaling their leadership competencies for improved impact and business yields. In addition to this, I serve as the Dean of the Life Harmony Mentorship School, where I mentor young adults to gain clarity of purpose and direction in their careers, relationships & lifestyle for all-round success and wholesome living.

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"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

Oliver Wendell Holmes


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