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Abraham Owoseni is undoubtedly one of the most resourceful professionals I have met in the field of building the human capital of other youths
Dayo Adeniyi
Founder, Matadors Leadership Institute
Abraham Owoseni was a facilitator at our 2017 in-house course and he was able to provide relevant experience and information around youth development. His expertise is unwavering and his depth in youth mentoring is incomparable.
Olumide Fashina
Managing Consultant/CEO, Agile P3 Limited

I'm the best available Coach for young adults who want to figure out their next move & avoid painful regrets and mistakes in their careers, relationships and lifestyle by going through my unique 'SACK' method in 30 days or less.

Holistic Development

Imagine living full & fulfilled without self-doubt, pressures, uncertainties and confusion? Imagine your career, relationship and lifestyle in alignment,  well-balanced and everything connected and working together without overwhelms? That’s what I call Life Harmony. 

If you’ve always desired to live a holistic life that is well-aligned to the essence of your being and purpose for living, then it’s no coincidence that our paths just crossed. This has been the essence of my being: raising young people, moulding minds.

For close to a decade, I have trained and coached more than 10,000 young people to become more purposeful and productive in career, lifestyle & relationships using my unique “SACK” method. My books, training & mentoring programs, podcast, coaching sessions and other resources on print & online media have been notable tools in remoulding thousands of minds across Africa, North America, Asia and Europe.

Do you feel trapped by pressures to get ahead,? You experience lots of burn out? Or you sense life is out of balance? Don’t sweat it, it is still possible to live a wholesome life where your career, relationships and lifestyle fuse together, in sync. 

What if you have a Coach who can help you grow in clarity and achieve your goals in those core areas of life with the right tools, accountability and support system? I can help

You can get started with my FREE transformational guide, the Life Harmony Blueprint.


It doesn’t take 30 years to define a sense of direction that encompasses your whole life. Now is the time. You have the strength, the energy, don’t waste this season. It’s not about what you have done or not done but what you are SUPPOSED TO DO. Before you know it, you will be 36, 42, now is the time to gain meaning of time and to be conscious of what matters most beyond the opinion of people or societal assessment. You can rather decide to stand for what is right and not what is good.

It’s all within your choices, say YES to a WHOLESOME, HOLISTIC LIFE and grow in clarity to build the career, the home and the life you’re meant to live. The time ticks. Here is how we can work together.

Life Harmony Challenge

Life is beyond the typical routine of going to school, getting a job and getting married, there's more. What if you have clarity about life and how it all ties together in your career, relationships and lifestyle? This program will help you define your destination, know what to focus your energy on to produce a life of impact and influence.

Harmony Online Courses

There is a way to live, there is a way to work, there is a way to relate with others and start a new home. Imagine having the right tools to build a career that is purposeful and profitable; getting clarity on who to marry without future regrets? This brings you out of the crowd to live an exceptional life. Don't settle for less when there is more, get started

Harmony Coaching Mastermind

You can turn tension into intention. All you need is to build harmony across the core areas of life. For 90 days, I will help you gain geometric significance with my 3-in-1 coaching mastermind across your career, relationship and lifestyle. If you want to work directly with me for 90 days, then this is for you. Join the wait list for the next cohort to stay notified.

My Latest book, Starting a New Home.

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I’ve had a good share of experience on this journey called, life. From confused states to making informed career decisions, finding my soulmate and meeting other purpose-mates. It’s been a journey of growth, intentional living and holistic development. 

As a result of this, I have achieved lots of mileage in my field, executed award winning projects, featured on several media platforms and a recipient of many awards & honours.


Life Moulding Nuggets

Listen to my podcast where I share life moulding nuggets to build harmony, find clarity and live a wholesome life, achieving personal goals & desired life outcomes

I appear frequently as a thought leader on life skills in the education and youth development space on TVs, radio stations, blogs, podcast and other media platforms. Thinking of inviting an expert? I’m a call away

I am currently accepting speaking & training engagements offline & online globally as availability allows on Life Skills and Youth Productivity in Career, Relationships and Lifestyle. 


I feel enlightened. It was an eye opener to things I haven't been paying attention to. I loved how the Relationship Harmony Class addressed a very important question, 'WHY.' It's been one more step in the right direction. It's nice to know someone who can walk you through a lot of confusion to ensure you're fine ultimately, that's my experience with Abraham Owoseni
I have seen people love what they do, but have not seen anyone do what they love like this man does it. You can't meet him off guard. Bring any issue on 'lifestyle and career,' you can take his words for it. Keep soaring in this light. I appreciate your visible impact to the young people of our time.