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Your Emotion is in Motion, and You’re the Driver!

Picture the last time you were driving on the highway, you held the steering wheel firmly, followed the course of the roads, had your licenses up-to-date and topmost of them, you had a clear destination in mind. Even when you ran into occasional traffic jams, you remained focused, resilient to reach your destination.

To get to your destination, you had to ensure that you recognized the road signs, understood the rules of the road, and developed the skills to safely navigate the complexities of the highway.

It’s the same with your emotions, just as you expertly handle the demands of driving, you have the power to master the highway of your emotions as you accelerate towards your goals.

Why is this Important?

Your emotions are constantly in motion, and you are the driver responsible for managing the flow of your emotions.

If that is the case, then you can overcome the hurdles on your emotional highway, the feelings of being overwhelmed by your emotions, weighed down by past experiences, or struggling to maintain meaningful connections amidst life’s trials. You can enjoy the ride through life without bumping into other ‘road’ users. That’s the goal of “E-Motions!”

This book, is your emotional driving manual, providing the tools to navigate life’s emotional highway and embrace joy and purpose.

In a world where emotional intelligence is a crucial skill, “E-Motions” provides the roadmap to navigate the complexities of your emotional journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative path.

Always remember that you have an unseen emotional vehicle, with you as the driver as you navigate through the journey of life.

Dr. Abraham Owoseni | Author

This book empowers you to:

As a psychologist, I have been exposed to uncountable books on emotions for over two decades. None of the books both nationally and internationally is as practical, straightforward, and hands-on as this masterpiece by Dr. Abraham Owoseni. In my role as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, I have seen the disintegration of marriages, relationships, family bonds, and even workplace convivial relationships that could have been saved if the parties involved had displayed just an iota of emotional intelligence. In this book, leaders, professionals, young and older people will easily understand that although their emotions are always in motion, they are the drivers of their emotions and can decide to drive their emotions to a pleasant destination. This book will teach you how to pay attention to where you are driving. If you want to build lifelong connections, nurture relationships, and establish professional networks amongst others, I strongly and unreservedly recommend “E-motions: How to Work with the Head and the Hand without Losing the Heart” by Dr. Abraham Owoseni because it is a life-transforming book.
David O. Igbokwe, PhD
Head, Department of Psychology, Baze University Abuja,
Visiting Senior Lecturer, Nile University of Nigeria
Former Stress Counsellor, World Health Organisation (WHO), Nigeria Country Office, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Embark on a transformative journey through the pages of “E-Motions- How to Work with the Head and Hand without Losing the Heart.” This book takes you on a journey towards the intricate terrain of self-discovery, exploring the motivations behind our actions and offering a roadmap for emotional mastery. This insightful trip invites readers to buckle up for a fulfilling and intentional existence, navigating the ever-changing landscapes of life with self-awareness and purpose. I loved the energy felt in this book.

Faten El Ayache

Executive Coach and Trainer


“E-motions” is more than a book; it is an odyssey into the depths of human emotion and the spiritual essence that underpins our existence. Dr. Owoseni’s writing is not just informative; it is transformative, igniting a spark of enthusiasm in readers to embrace their emotions, understand them, and ultimately harness their power for a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Dr. Niyi Borire

Director of Southwest Neurology
Lecturer, University of New South Wales,

"E-Motions" is the guide to keep by your side to successfully steer the wheel of emotions.
Svetlana Suvorova
Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
Founder & CEO, Rocklit Partners LLC
Tokyo, Japan

This book isn’t just a must-read; it’s a game-changer. Dr. Owoseni skillfully blends practical wisdom with profound insights for navigating the intricacies of emotions in “E-motions,” employing the analogy of driving a car on the highway. In this masterpiece, he unveils the tools for harnessing emotional intelligence to turbocharge connections, bolster mental well-being, and skyrocket productivity. Whether aspiring for professional success, yearning for extraordinary personal growth, or seeking life-giving relationships, “E-motions” unlocks irrefutable transformation and transcendence. Read, study, and share this treasure!

Oluchi Ihekuna

CEO Avant Garde Health Services

“E-Motions” is a profound and timely guide that addresses the critical issue of balancing emotional intelligence with professional efficiency. In an age where technology often overshadows our human essence, Owoseni’s methodology shines as a beacon of wisdom. His ‘immutable’ truth, “Your emotions are ever in motion, but you are the driver behind the steering wheel,” resonates deeply. This book empowers you to harmonise your mind and actions while preserving the core of your humanity. It’s a transformative journey towards emotional mastery, mental well-being, and genuine connections—a must-read for those seeking a fulfilling life filled with peace, resilience, healing, and happiness. Embrace this book for your personal and professional growth.

Johnson Abbaly

Founder, The Smartan House

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I love that the writer used relatable examples to explain emotional intelligence. In a world where people focus mostly on the external, this book calls you back to the inside world which is the ‘realer’ world. This book will help you shift your focus to the world within and help you pay more attention to your spirit. I particularly love how the writer emphasized that God gave us emotions but we tend to shut out our emotions and brace up. Meanwhile, we ought to leverage our emotions to brace up. If you find yourself dwindling in your emotions and struggling to regulate your inner world and balance, this book is what you need.

Enifome Ogbimi

Executive Director, Live Again Foundation
Author, How to Become a New You

About the Author

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a versatile transformational leader, driven by a mission to transform lives through coaching, education, and ministry. He is a sought-after speaker and training facilitator, regularly sharing his insights on emotional intelligence and leadership development at conferences, workshops, and corporate training events. 

Abraham O. Owoseni, Ph.D.

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Through clear and relatable storytelling, Abraham underscores the vital role of human connections and relationships in achieving personal, professional, and business success. His remarkable writing culminates in a compelling call to embrace a transcendent life, inviting readers to seek the guiding influence of God's Spirit in the mastery of our emotions. Whether you are a business or corporate leader, an early or mid-career professional, this book serves as an invaluable companion on your leadership journey.
Abimbola O Adebakin
Founder/CEO, Advantage Health Africa
Lagos, Nigeria
Dr Owoseni’s work highlights the stark reality that the growing digital landscape may threaten genuine human connections, in both private and professional relationships. This book is a much-needed reminder that our close relationships are not a luxury but a biological necessity for our mental and physical well-being.
Dr. Abbie Maroño
Author of “Work in Progress”
Behavioral Scientist and Director of Education
Orlando, Florida
Since 2014, Dr. Owoseni has been a source of blessing to thousands through his impactful workshops, books, seminars, and more. Personally, encountering his work has been profoundly enriching. The subtitle of this book, "How to Work With the Head and the Hand Without Losing your Heart," resonates deeply with me. In our fast-paced world, it's evident that some individuals, while intellectually sharp, may appear heartless. Unfortunately, many are not equipped with the essential skills for self-regulation, empathy, and fostering meaningful connections. As a result, countless individuals enter adulthood feeling lost and disconnected, setting the stage for a chaotic life. This is why "E-Motions" is exceptionally timely. The book is a treasure trove of rich, straightforward content, presented in an easy-to-read manner with practical and actionable ideas. It is a valuable resource for everyone. "E-Motions" is a book that transcends boundaries; its wisdom is accessible and applicable to readers of all backgrounds.
Ade Owolabi
The Marriage Evangelist

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Activating Wonderful Experiences So One May Enjoy, or A.W.E.S.O.M.E, isn’t just an acronym; it’s my name and my nature. I firmly believe that this sense of wonder and joy can become as natural as breathing for every individual on this planet through the harmony of heart and brain. It’s a journey that Dr. Abraham Owoseni’s book, “E-motion: How to Work With the Head and the Hand Without Losing the Heart ” seeks to unlock, revealing the key to unlocking the incredible potential within us all.

Dr Joshua Awesome

Founder/ Coaching Psychologist, African Institute of Mind, South Africa

The book proffers practical strategies that can help you clear emotional roadblocks, maintain a steady and harmonious emotional flow, build resilience to overcome life’s challenges and have a deep understanding of the diverse emotions of others. Highly recommended for everyone in all walks of life; it is useful for everyone who desires an improvement in their relationships with others as well as those who desire to effectively trade the relationship currency.

Olubunmi Izebere

Life Coach/Relationship Manager
Author, Preserved for His Purpose

“E-Motions” goes beyond theory, offering actionable worksheets with practical strategies developed from real-life coaching experiences. Additionally, Dr. Abraham’s unique methodology of working with the head and the hand without losing the heart is a contribution to the body of knowledge that sets this book apart.

Irrespective of where you are across the world, “E-Motions” is available in print and ebook formats on Amazon and other major online retailers. Choose the format that suits you—whether paperback, hardback, e-book, or both.

Professionals seeking emotional intelligence mastery, leaders aiming for impactful leadership, and individuals on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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Dr. Abraham Owoseni is also available for both physical and virtual speaking engagements at conferences and events that align with the focus of  ‘Working with the head and the hand without losing the heart,’ his bespoke methodology for emotional intelligence. Explore more about our speaking engagements to invite Dr. Owoseni to your event by visiting our dedicated speaking page at

To fully embrace the concepts and strategies presented in the book,  consider implementing the following steps:

  • Read the book thoughtfully, taking notes and reflecting on the key takeaways.
  • Use the highest learning and most pressing chapter end reflections
  • Engage in the exercises and self-assessments provided in the book
  • Apply the strategies to real-life situations, observing how they impact your intra and interpersonal relationships and emotional wellbeing.
  • Find an accountability partner. Purchase your copies and review together as you make progress.

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