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Discover Your Design, Live God's Purpose

God had a purpose before creating you; He wove this purpose into your design.

This design is breathtaking! You’d love it! It’s a very beautiful design. Nothing else can compare to it. No other person’s suggestive ‘designs’ can match in dexterity, quality, reach, and impact to the design God made of your life.

The only concern is that God has been patiently waiting for you to ‘consult’ Him on your designed purpose. You’ve previously consulted friends, families, colleagues, google, etc but you forgot to consult the Grand Designer, the Master Architect behind your design.

  • Why wait until a certain age before thinking about living?
  • Why relegate the essence to a distant future?
  • Why settle for mere existence when true living beckons?

Life is more than money, fame, glam, possessions, and materialism. Get a firm grasp on life and how to live by design with this divinely orchestrated book.

If clarity of purpose and purpose of living is still confusing for you, this book will demystify it.

Why is this Important?

Discover the incredible results that await you when you unlock your divine purpose and live it out. This book is a roadmap to help you navigate the complexities of life and step boldly into the destiny that awaits you.

In a world where speed, freedom, and instant success dominate the conversation, the idea of finding fulfillment, intentional living, and purposefulness can seem overwhelming—especially for today’s generations.

If you’ve ever felt lost or uncertain about your life’s purpose, this book is a beacon of hope. With profound insights and relatable analogies from architectural design, Dr. Abraham Owoseni guides you on a transformative journey to uncover your true identity and embrace your God-given calling.

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Go Beyond Existing to Truly Live out God’s Purpose for Your Life

Whenever a person is living at variance to the original design, such a person is existing and not living.

Dr. Abraham Owoseni | Author

...undoubtedly one of the best books I've read around the "Purpose" subject.

Dr. Abraham’s book, “Living by Design,” can be said to be a “life manual” that everyone needs and should read as they journey through life. Aside from the simplistic nature of the writer in conveying his intents and the use of analogies to further buttress his points, this book is laced with gems and life lessons. Overall, this book addresses our purpose on earth and the essence of our existence. I think that is actually what I found exciting the most about it. If you’re lost as to the essence of your life or you’re just at a point where you’ve lost the zeal or fervor to start living instead of merely existing, this book is what you need. It’d give you the necessary jump-starts you need to making the most out of this beautiful world. It’s undoubtedly one of the best books I’ve read around the “Purpose” subject.

Dr. Wale Tejumade

Founder & Lead Pastor, Lofty Heights Christian Centre, Canada

I have known Dr. Abraham Owoseni for exactly 17 years now and he has always lived by design. He has inspired thousands of young individuals to lead purposeful lives while navigating fulfilling careers. He stands as a competent guide, steering others towards a purposeful, productive, meaningful, and high-flying life. This easy-to-read guide is a compelling read for anyone desiring intentional living. (Excerpt from the Foreword for Living by Design)

Gbenga M. Alalade, Ph.D.

Project Director and Lead Architect,
"The Ark Legacy Project," A 100,000-seat Stadium-like Sanctuary of the Living Faith Church, Winners Chapel, Canaanland, Nigeria

This book is laden with extraordinary truths about your life’s design, which is God’s most compelling design. Anything that fails to comply with design will not last, this is why this book is such a gem. Dr Owoseni charges us to not just exist but to live in accordance to God’s purpose for our lives. Our ultimate goal in life must be to become all that God has created us to be, and this book will provide you with the insights and wisdom to do just that. Congratulations on picking up this book. I highly recommend it.

Dr Samuel Ekundayo

The Purpose Preacher Founder, School of Purpose and Influence (SPIN) Auckland, New Zealand

Discover the incredible results that await you when you unlock your divine purpose and live it out. This book is a roadmap to help you navigate the complexities of life and step boldly into the destiny that awaits you.

What’s included in the book:

  • Uncover your true identity and embrace your God-given calling;
  • Find hope and clarity in a sea of confusion;
  • Experience a wholesome shift in your life
  • Actionable insights with worksheets and reflection exercises inside
Do you desire more out of your life? This book is definitely for you.

Are you tired of the status quo? Do you feel like you’re just existing? Do you desire more out of your life? This book is definitely for you. Dr. Abraham Owoseni is an exceptional life coach with practical wisdom and a proven track record in youth transformation. Through a captivating blend of inspirational writing and vivid architectural metaphors, Dr. Abraham Owoseni guides readers on a journey of transformation and discovery. This book empowers you with practical insights to uncover God’s unique and intentional blueprint for your life. It is a must read for everyone aspiring to live a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Adesola Adebyi

Co-founder, Dezyncycle and Design Place

You will experience a wholesome shift reading this book.

This book is a must-read, particularly for anyone who has either not found a compass for life or who is desirous about living purposefully. By drawing on his wealth of experience in design, Dr. Abraham guides his readers on the true essence and actionable steps of living according to God’s unique and collective Master design for all. You will experience a wholesome shift reading this book. I invite you to not only read it but share it with your friends, family, and everyone that matters to you.

Jimi Tewe

Executive Coach CEO, Jimi Tewe LLC

Start Living Today! Don't Postpone it Because the Days are Numbered!

⚡️ Get a Sneak Peek into Living by Design

Chapter 1: The Gift Called Life
Chapter 2: Existing but not Living
Chapter 3: Unveiling God’s Design
Chapter 4: Legitimate Traps to Avoid
Chapter 5: Choosing to Live by the Design
Chapter 6: Why Wait?
Chapter 7: Living it Out
Abraham’s creative use of life stories and analogies makes this book relatable and invaluable

From understanding the essence of God’s most intricate design—humans to navigating derailing traps and embracing the importance of instruction, to highlighting the power of choice in aligning with our maker, to a call to gratitude over entitlement and distinguishing between achievements and true fulfilment—this book is right down my alley. As someone with a background in Architecture and a practitioner of design, I find this book not only relatable but also enriching. However, its value extends far beyond my professional sphere. Abraham’s creative use of life stories and analogies makes this book relatable and invaluable for everyone launching into the world or simply seeking purpose. I wholeheartedly recommend this book; its message transcends borders and generations. The world needs this, regardless of age or geographical region. “Living By Design” launches deep propelling us to go beyond mere existence and position with God’s plan for our lives and this is a worldwide conversation.

Folakemi Odesola

Vision Execution Expert, Founder, Vision Board Africa

I highly recommend this great book to anyone searching for answers to the question of identity, intentional living, and other related subjects

Dr. Abraham has put together another intellectual masterpiece that cuts deep into the very heart of the subject of self-discovery, and purposeful living which can also be referred to as living by design. Using his academic background as an architect, he has penned down insights that I believe will be relevant for our generation and many to come. As a Certified Life Purpose Mastery Coach and one with years of research and revelation on this subject, I highly recommend this great book to anyone searching for answers to the question of identity, intentional living, and other related subjects to not just buy this book, but to eat and digest this book until you begin to manifest the original design God intended you to function from.

Noah AfeOluwape, Mr. Purpose Int'l,

Founder, Purpose Discovery Academy

... a must-read for anyone seeking to transcend mere existence and truly live a life of meaning and fulfilment.

“Living by Design” by Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a thought-provoking and inspiring work that delves into the essence of living a purposeful and intentional life. It eloquently blends spiritual insights with practical wisdom, drawing upon architectural metaphors to illuminate the concept of living by God’s design. Dr. Owoseni’s expertise in architecture provides a unique perspective, making the message both relatable and profound. His approach to life as a conscious design effort, analogous to architectural planning, offers a fresh and motivating way to view life’s journey. This book does not only emphasise the need to discover and fulfill one’s God-given purpose but also an encouragement to embrace life’s challenges and opportunities with a renewed perspective. It’s a must-read for anyone seeking to transcend mere existence and truly live a life of meaning and fulfilment.

Stephen Olugbenro

Associate Pastor, RCCG Dominion Christian Connections Peterborough, United Kingdom

... the experience of reading this work was nothing short of remarkable. It was a very engaging and exciting read

The experience of reading this work was nothing short of remarkable, as I found myself engrossed to the extent that I devoured the entire content in one sitting. The clarity and eloquence with which he expounded on the intricacies of design were truly enlightening. Dr. Owoseni’s ability to convey the essence of design in such a well-crafted manner left me with a deep sense of understanding and appreciation for the subject matter. It did justice to my desire to live by design and has not only expanded my knowledge but has also provided me with invaluable insights into the multifaceted world of design. It was a very engaging and exciting read, as I could almost feel the writer’s excitement. I wholeheartedly acknowledge the efficacy and timeliness of Dr. Owoseni’s teachings in my life. His writings have served as a guiding light, offering clarity and empowering me with the knowledge needed to navigate through life.

Adedunke Lala

Customer Experience Manager, IMMERSE Coaching Company, Lagos, Nigeria

I’ve read several books on the subject of purpose, but Dr. Abraham Owoseni's perspective is truly unique, relatable, and refreshing

I’ve read several books on the subject of purpose, but Dr. Abraham Owoseni’s perspective, shaped by his background and experience in Architecture, makes this truly unique, relatable, and refreshing. Even if you’re already on the path of purpose, the insights shared in this book serve as a relevant guide to maximize your journey on this side of eternity. Dr. Owoseni emphasizes that there’s a pre-existing design for every life, and this book will show not just how to discover yours but equally how to live by it. In all, it’s a very interesting read that will make a significant impact on your life’s journey, provided you read it heartily and meditatively. Have a wonderful read!

Emmanuel Adeifa,

Dean - The Fort School of Leadership | Author, There Is More!

About the Author

Dr. Abraham Owoseni draws upon his extensive design knowledge and multidisciplinary expertise to offer relatable analogies and profound insights that will help you discover and live out your God-given design, unveiling your true purpose. A versatile transformational leader driving positive change and transformation worldwide following his life’s purpose of raising young people and moulding minds. His three-fold mission focuses on youth development, educational development, and human development. His message of holistic development, all-round success and life-skills-based teachings continue to transform countless lives worldwide. For more information on Dr. Abraham Owoseni and his work, visit

Abraham O. Owoseni, Ph.D.

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What Thought Leaders Are Saying

about Living by Design

My first time hearing the word, “Purpose” was from the wonderful author of this book, Dr. Abraham Owoseni. He was one of the youngest, dedicated professors in my postgraduate studies at Covenant University, Nigeria. Just by observing the passion with which he intentionally organized engagement programs centered on helping students find their purpose, planted seeds in my heart that subtly took root in the following years after my graduation and bore fruit in 2022.

As I look back, my heart is filled with gratitude for the first person to bring this word to my attention. The book “Living by Design: Go Beyond Existing to Truly Live out God’s Purpose for Your Life”, reflects the years of pruning and refining that Dr. Owoseni has gone through in his discovery and development of Gods unique design for our lives. I urge you to read this book to find your own place in God’s design.

Daphne-Chantale Chilaka

MSc. Architecture, WELL AP, MS. Environmental Design, Doctoral Student Interior and Environmental Design Texas, United States

Despite having authored several bestsellers, this book is one of a kind; it’s amazing how the writer uses design analogy and basic design metaphors to describe how God intricately wired us. His simple and unambiguous explanations lead readers to a deep conviction that their lives are genuinely designed by God, who never invests in unproductive or unprofitable projects. Upon reading this book, I am vividly reminded that the world eagerly anticipates our manifestation as sons, aligned with God’s plan and purpose. “Living by Design” is a must-read for everyone, and I strongly recommend it to both the older and younger generations.

Daniel O. Odeh, MNIA

CEO, Hadpo Limited

In the pages of this compelling book, my friend seamlessly weaves the principles of design into the fabric of our lives, transcending the boundaries of our shared architectural background. It’s a captivating journey that not only resonates with our professional sensibilities but also invites every reader to discover the profound design inherent in their own existence. As you delve into these pages, you’ll find a roadmap to self-discovery and purpose, a testament to the interconnectedness of our roles in the grand design of life. Prepare to be enlightened and refreshed, for this book is a beacon guiding us toward a purpose-filled existence.

Abiodun Shonibare

Architect, Artist and Computational Design Specialist Associate Partner, StudioStoone; Director, Shiftlag Lagos, Nigeria

⚡️ Download a Free Introductory Chapter of Living by Design

I highly recommend reading the book “Living by Design” by Dr. Abraham Owoseni. This insightful and transformative book offers a profound perspective on seeking the path our creator has set out for us and living in alignment with it. The book draws parallels between God as the creator of the universe and the gift of life as a structure of his design. It provides strong insights on fulfillment, intentional living, and purposefulness through trust in God. If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of the present moment and experience a greater sense of peace and fulfillment in your life, this book is a must-read.

Paul Yakubu

Writer, ArchDaily
Co-author, "What is Small Scale Architecture"

Since my days at Covenant University, Dr. Abraham Owoseni’s passion for youth development and purposeful living profoundly impacted me. “Living by Design” surpasses mere literature; it’s a lifeline, a poignant call to unparalleled success and fulfillment. Dr. Owoseni’s embodiment of these principles, evident in his own life, elevates this work beyond a typical read. It’s a divine journey of self-discovery, woven with architectural metaphors and a pragmatic writing style. This book is more than a literary piece; it’s an emotional awakening, a mentor’s embrace guiding you towards your God-designed purpose.

Winner Deji-Folutile, MNIA

Project Architect, Podex Associates
Co-founder, Ingenius Dzyn Atelier

Living by Design by Abraham Owoseni is a thought-provoking exploration of the philosophical foundations of purposeful living. Its motivational undertones make it a valuable guide for the younger generation, offering them a compass to navigate the complexities of life and find meaning in a world that often seems chaotic.

Ing. Arch. Jakub Vorisek

Engineer Architect, Construction manager, Designer and Artist
Co-author, "Heavy is the Double-cross of the Slovak Nation"
Bratislava, Slovakia

Living by Design is a timeless information bank, so relatable yet power-packed. It was an exciting and transformative read. Dr. Abraham Owoseni is very detailed with his works. The exercises at the end of each section stood out to me. Dr. Abraham Owoseni has always been one to pursue excellence, so it’s not surprising; this piece, in summary, is a masterpiece.

Opara Benita-Maria Kelechi

Writer, Shespeakshermind247 Blog Lagos, Nigeria

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“Living by Design” is a transformative guidebook that empowers readers to uncover God’s unique design, guiding them towards a path of purpose and fulfillment.

Dr. Abraham Owoseni, an exceptional life coach with a background in architecture. He shares his practical wisdom and insights garnered from years of experience in coaching, architecture and purposeful living.

Unlike traditional self-help books, “Living by Design” uniquely blends inspirational writing with vivid architectural metaphors, and bible-based wisdom providing readers with practical insights and actionable steps to find, choose and live out God’s purpose.

This book is for anyone who feels stuck in the rut of routine existence and yearns for more out of life. Whether you’re a young adult navigating career choices or an individual seeking greater meaning and fulfillment, “Living by Design” offers guidance for all.

Yes, each chapter includes worksheets and reflection exercises designed to help readers apply the concepts discussed in the book to their own lives, fostering self-discovery and personal growth.

While the book draws upon Christian principles, its message of purposeful living and self-discovery transcends religious boundaries, making it relevant and accessible to readers from diverse backgrounds.

Yes, Dr. Abraham Owoseni is available for speaking engagements physically and virtually, workshops, and interviews. Inquiries and bookings can be made at


To fully embrace the concepts and strategies presented in the book,  consider implementing the following steps:

  • Read the book thoughtfully, taking notes and reflecting on the key takeaways.
  • Use the highest learning and most pressing chapter end reflections
  • Engage in the exercises and self-assessments provided in the workbook
  • Apply the strategies to real-life situations, observing how they impact your role.
  • Find an accountability partner. Purchase your copies and review together as you make progress.

Yes, bulk discounts may be available for orders of multiple copies of the book. Organizations, book clubs, and educational institutions can inquire about bulk pricing options at

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