Abraham Owoseni, Ph.D.

Dr. Abraham is a Youth Development Specialist, Certified Life & Leadership Coach, Assistant Professor, Author, Speaker & Trainer on Life Skills. He is a renowned authority & thought-leader in the fields of education & youth development with multi-disciplinary experience and expertise in training and development, life coaching, publishing, youth ministry, architecture, and higher education.

For over a decade, Abraham’s message of holistic development and life-skills based teachings have literally transformed thousands of lives across the world.

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is the founder and international president of Young Breeds, a global youth ministry established to raise a new breed of youths who are purposeful and holistically developed. Young Breeds provides the right education, environment and empowerment required for grooming a new breed of adolescents and young adults who grow to become whole – spirit, soul & body, and successfully transition to adulthood. With a unique ‘SPECS’ for raising young people, Young Breeds ministers to the needs of young people, investing in their Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Social development. www.youngbreeds.org

Since 2013, Young Breeds has groomed over 6,921 direct beneficiaries and over 20,000 indirect beneficiaries of young people who have built a formidable foundation for a great head start to life and wholesome living.

As a human development expert, Dr. Abraham serves as the Lead Trainer,  Life & Leadership Coach of MindMould, a training and human development agency equipping individuals and institutions to multiply their productivity and profitability through training, coaching and consulting. With unique learning solutions, MindMould provides leadership training services to corporations and businesses in search of upscaling their leadership competencies for improved impact and business yields. In addition to this, he serves as the Dean of the Life Harmony Mentorship School, where he mentors young adults to gain clarity of purpose and direction in their careers, relationships & lifestyle for all-round success and wholesome living.

In addition to this, Dr. Abraham is frequently invited to as a thought-leader to give keynotes, public lectures and facilitate knowledge sharing sessions on radio, TV, in-person and virtual events on topical life skills as a keynote speaker and facilitator for non-profits, education districts, schools, SMEs, and faith-based institutions that work with young people solving perennial issues around the stunted growth of young people, lack of direction, alignment and life harmony for young adults and the inadequate safe spaces & responsive learning environments for young people.

He has facilitated for the African Leadership Development Centre, Tekedia Institute, USA, African Economic Mandate Project, Bethel American International School, Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies, Skill And Talent Academy, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, Hi-Impact TV, Agile P3 Limited, Spazio Ideale Interior Designers, Association of International School Educators of Nigeria, Meadow Hall College, the Ambassadors College, the Foursquare Church, the Living Faith Church, AKA Winners Chapel among others.

With a professional background in Architecture, Abraham leverages project management skills and competencies blended with his passion in youth development to improving the developmental outcomes for young people through education and safe spaces, by building Youth Development Centres, as learning environments that aid young people’s holistic development

Dr. Abraham is a good communicator with the ability to inspire and mobilize transformational advocacy work, educational programs and community development initiatives. In 2018, Abraham completed a fieldwork educational project to over twelve (12) secondary schools across the three senatorial districts in Lagos, Nigeria where he managed the delivery of life skills content and data collection, analysis and presentation on the impact of the physical learning environment.

As an award-winning educator, Abraham was awarded the Educator of the week by the Tech-Savvy  Teacher International and nominated as the best Educator in the Architecture department of Covenant University, where he currently serves on the faculty following students’ 2020 LMS evaluation of the previous semester with thematic data showing empathy, engagement, clarity of speech, friendliness amongst others.

With an excellent teaching gift and communication skill, his pedagogical skills have recorded high student retention and enhanced learning experience in allocated taught courses in the subject discipline for over eight (8) consecutive sessions. 

Dr. Abraham’s educational programs and youth development interventions have improved the developmental outcomes of more than 16,000 young people since 2011. With over 13 media appearances, 100+ keynotes and public lectures delivered with over 600+ talks given, 60+ podcast episodes and 13 life-transforming books published, thousands of minds across Africa, North America, Asia and Europe have been reached. Dr. Abraham has been consistently described as a transformational, inspirational, persuasive, knowledgeable, passionate and an empathetic leader. 

He is a member of notable professional associations including the Institute of Productivity and Business Innovation Management (IPBIM), the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA), Association of Architectural Educators in Nigeria (AARCHES) among others.

He has earned formal competencies including a doctorate degree and several certifications in education, productivity, life coaching, digital communication, social innovation, neuro-cognitive consonance, lean six sigma, leadership, pedagogy amongst others in a relentless pursuit of personal development and lifelong learning.

He is a recipient of over 18 honours award and academic recognitions based on the impact of his work; such as the Outstanding Education Supporting Individual Award, Alumni Hero Award of Outstanding Leadership, Social Innovators Award, Honours Award in Recognition of Outstanding Contributions, PhD Excellene Award, Rotary Club Appreciation Award for contribution towards Basic Education and Literacy, Tech-Savvy Teacher International Educator of the Week, Fellow, Youth ActionNet, International Youth Foundation among others.

He is a life partner to his wife Sarah, an early childhood expert and family life practitioner. He’s a father to Isaac and Daniel. Together, they’re fulfilling God’s purpose with global impact across the world. 

Dr. Abraham continues to advance goal 4 of the SDG – quality education whilst promoting holistic development for young people. He is accessible at www.abrahamowoseni.com