Abraham O. owoseni



Abraham Owoseni is a versatile professional with multi-sectoral experience and deep expertise in life skills education, learning and development, and youth work. Called to raise young people & mould minds, Abraham is a renowned authority & thought-leader in the fields of education & youth development with a background in Architecture.

Using his unique “SACK” method, Abraham helps young adults get clarity of purpose and how it connects in harmony with their careers, relationship & lifestyle so they can become more purposeful and productive in life without guesswork & overwhelms.

Abraham is a good communicator with the ability to inspire and mobilize transformational advocacy work, educational programs and community development initiatives. He is passionate and committed to working to improve developmental outcomes for young people through education and safe spaces.

Abraham’s professional goal is to mainstream youth development as an approach to education and schooling experience through grass-root engagement, policy support and research efforts in order to raise young people as assets for nation-building.

As an in-demand speaker and trainer on life skills, Abraham empowers groups, teams and organisations to build capacity, break limiting beliefs and acquire the mental resources to achieve their desired life & corporate goals. He has trained more than 10,000 young people with the life skills required to live and lead on purpose on life skills such as career & leadership development skills, productivity & innovation, employability skills, self-discovery skills, resilience, critical thinking skills, presentation skills amongst others. Close to a thousand individuals have been coached for career clarity with over 500 structured presentations given since 2011 as a public speaker.

Similarly, he consults for educational institutions, Small and Medium Enterprises, government agencies and non-profits solving perennial issues around quality education, learning environment, capacity building and life skills development. Abraham has inter-disciplinary competencies that cut across youth coaching, learning & development, architectural & educational consulting, training & capacity building, and the academia.

In a response to the widening life skills gap in the developmental process of young people, Abraham founded Young Breeds, a faith-based youth-focused non-profit organization to provide value-based education, support and opportunities to bridge the life skills gap so that young people can find identity, become productive and purposeful and as a result, make informed decisions in various areas of life. Since 2013, Young Breeds has groomed over 6,921 direct beneficiaries of children, teenagers and young adults across various development initiatives and over 20,000 indirect beneficiaries. www.youngbreeds.org

He is also the Principal Consultant of MindMould, a human development agency equipping individuals and institutions with mental resources through professional training, coaching, consulting and publishing. Schools, corporations, faith-based organizations and non-profits seek out his unique insights and experience, relying on his reputation in human capital development, holistic education & youth development.

Abraham has earned formal competencies including a doctorate degree and several certifications from Covenant University, Acumen, LEAP Africa, Solvere Word Consult amongst many others in a relentless pursuit of personal development and lifelong learning.

Based on the impact of his work, Abraham has been featured on some television and radio programs and is a recipient of many awards & honours such as the “Outstanding Education Supporting Individual Award”, “Alumni Hero Award for Outstanding Leadership”, “Social Innovators Award”, “Lagos State Honours Award of Outstanding Contribution” and some other academic and service awards.

His books, training & mentoring programs, podcast, coaching sessions and other resources on print & online media have been notable tools in remoulding thousands of minds across Africa, North America, Asia and Europe.

Abraham continues to promote youth development whilst strengthening quality education and decent work for young people as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4 & 8 respectively.

He is a life partner to Sarah, an early childhood expert and he’s a father to Isaac. Together, they’re fulfilling God’s purpose with global impact across the world. Abraham is accessible through his website www.abrahamowoseni.com and by mail at ab@abrahamowoseni.com