Abraham Owoseni, Ph.D.

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a versatile transformational leader driving positive change and transformation worldwide following his life’s purpose of raising young people and moulding minds. His three-fold mission focuses on youth development, educational development, and human development.

With a track record of igniting greatness and inspiring thousands to achieve their personal & corporate goals, Dr. Abraham contributes to the global economy and the kingdom as an Assistant Professor, Life & Leadership Coach, Youth Minister, Author, Global Speaker, and Corporate Trainer. Recognized as a thought leader in education and youth development, Dr. Abraham brings a wealth of multidisciplinary expertise to his global expressions drawn from training and development, life coaching, project management, non-profit management, publishing, youth ministry, architecture, and higher education.

His teachings on life skills and his message of all-round success and holistic development have been instrumental in transforming countless lives worldwide. His journey is driven by a passion for human development and holistic growth, he focuses on improving the developmental outcomes of youth through education, environments, and empowerment.

In 2015, Dr. Abraham founded Young Breeds, a global youth ministry dedicated to raising a new breed of purpose-driven and holistically developed individuals. Through a network of Youth Development Centres, Young Breeds provides safe spaces and transformative learning environments that enable adolescents and young adults to successfully transition into adulthood. With a unique ‘SPECS’ for raising young people, Young Breeds ministers to the needs of young people, investing in their Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, and Social development of young people. Discover more at www.youngbreeds.org

He has consistently delivered transformative learning experiences with an exceptional teaching gift and profound communication skills, celebrated for his empathy, engagement, and clarity in teaching. This has translated into enriched learning experiences in formal and non-formal settings physically and virtually with a robust reputation for teaching and research excellence. As an advocate for change, he has designed and developed, and led the execution of several development initiatives successfully inspiring and mobilising transformational advocacy work, educational programs, and community development projects.

Driven by a vision of a world where human minds are well-moulded to achieve personal and corporate goals, Dr. Abraham Owoseni serves as the Principal Consultant and Lead Trainer of MindMould, a training and human development agency. MindMould equips individuals and institutions with the mental resources necessary to multiply productivity and profitability by offering unique learning solutions, leadership training services, and upscaling leadership competencies, thereby empowering corporations and businesses to enhance their impact and achieve greater success. As a Life and Leadership Coach, Dr. Abraham specializes in guiding C-suite executives to evolve from managers to inspirational leaders, so they can achieve exceptional results that transcend their tenure.

Additionally, Dr. Abraham serves as the Dean of the Life Harmony Mentorship School, an ed-tech institution where he mentors professionals and emerging leaders in developing the practical mindset and skillset needed for all-round success in their careers, relationships, and lifestyle, fostering personal and professional growth. Over the past two cohorts, participants of the Life Harmony Mentorship School have gained clarity of purpose and direction, leading wholesome lives in various industries and sectors.

Beyond Coaching, Dr. Abraham’s expertise is frequently sought after for keynote addresses, public lectures, workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions across diverse media platforms, both in-person and virtually boasting a track record of delivering over 100 keynotes, 650+ structured presentations, and making 17 media appearances on Radio and TV. Non-profit organisations, educational districts, corporations, schools, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and faith-based institutions have turned to him to address issues related to leadership development, life skills, and holistic skills development. Dr. Abraham’s presentations captivate audiences with vivid visual clarity and an aesthetic appeal that fosters profound understanding and deep connection.

He has facilitated for the African Leadership Development Centre, Tekedia Institute, USA, African Economic Mandate Project, Bethel American International School, Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies, Fate Foundation, Skill And Talent Academy, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, Agile P3 Limited, Mega Electric, Spazio Ideale Interior Designers, Association of International School Educators of Nigeria, Meadow Hall College, the Ambassadors College, the Foursquare Church, Winners Chapel, Chrisland University, Babcock University among others.

Dr. Abraham has trained over 30,000 individuals since 2011 with over twenty books and several knowledge products. His training programs, online courses, podcasts, and scientific articles have profoundly touched the hearts and minds of thousands across Africa, North America, Asia, and Europe. Described consistently as transformational, inspirational, persuasive, knowledgeable, passionate, and empathetic, Dr. Abraham has left an indelible mark on individuals worldwide.

Dr. Abraham Owoseni holds a PhD with a focus on educational infrastructure and learning environments. A first-class graduate from Covenant University; in addition to his academic achievements, he possesses multiple certifications and competencies in various domains, including education, architecture, productivity, life coaching, digital communication, social innovation, neuro-cognitive consonance, lean six sigma, leadership, and pedagogy. Dr. Owoseni’s remarkable contributions have garnered him over 18 prestigious awards and academic recognitions, including the Outstanding Education Supporting Individual Award, the Alumni Hero Award for Outstanding Leadership, the Social Innovators Award, and the PhD Excellence Award, among others.

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is not only a dedicated leader but also a devoted family man; he is a life partner to his wife Sarah, an esteemed educator and family life practitioner. They are the parents of Isaac and Daniel. Together, they’re fulfilling God’s purpose with global impact.

Dr. Abraham continues to advance Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality Education), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), and 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) through his unwavering commitment. For further details on Dr. Abraham Owoseni and his impactful work, please visit www.abrahamowoseni.com


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