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"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Stories of Stretched Minds, What was Your Experience?

Hear from others directly on the impact of Dr. Abraham's interventions.

My experience with Dr. Abraham Owoseni was very insightful. I was at the edge of my chair during the class and could not take my eye off the screen nor could I break from writing. I have known Dr. Abraham since 2022 and I have appreciated his gifts from afar ever since; even though he doesn't know me, he inspires me. It was a privilege having to listen to him teach 'The Power of Potential' for the second time, it was fresh and re-inspiring. This time, I would make a better use of his free gift towards discovering my potentials and taking the next step in refining them.


His zeal for hard work and exceptional performance was part of my driving force to emerge with a Distinction during my Master’s program. On one occasion, I vividly remember Dr. Owoseni passionately encouraging me to produce more thought-provoking designs and not be limited in my thinking. While speaking, he made some sketches on my drawing sheet, enlightening me on the design challenges that I may face as he proffered stimulating solutions to them. I am grateful to have been mentored by Dr. Abraham Owoseni and I will forever cherish his impact on my academic life.


Meet Dr. Abraham Owoseni

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Abraham Owoseni

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is an education leader, youth development specialist, and human development expert committed to transforming lives through education, ministry, and coaching. He is a published author & training facilitator. Passionate about the transformative power of education, spirituality, and personal growth, Dr. Abraham is driven by a life mission of moulding minds and raising young people, empowering and inspiring them to realize their full potential and thrive in all aspects of life. He brings this vision to life through his work in youth development, higher education, youth ministry, training facilitation, life coaching, and publishing. With a deep commitment to youth development, Dr. Abraham creates empowering learning environments where young individuals can flourish, unlocking their true potential and equipping them with essential life skills. As a Youth Development Specialist, he designs innovative programs and mentorship initiatives that foster personal growth and holistic skills development. In his role as a Training Facilitator, he designs and delivers impactful workshops that empower individuals and organizations to unlock their potential, enhance their skills, and cultivate a culture of growth and excellence. He is genuinely passionate about facilitating transformative learning experiences that drive personal and professional development. As a University Lecturer, he brings his passion and expertise to inspire and empower students, fostering critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning. He firmly believes that education is a powerful tool that shapes the minds and hearts of future generations. Furthermore, as a Life Coach, Dr. Abraham partners with individuals to uncover their strengths, clarify their goals, and overcome obstacles. Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking their true potential and creating a life of fulfilment and purpose. Through his extensive publications, including journal articles, conference papers, creative works, and non-fiction books, he addresses essential life skills in careers, relationships, and lifestyles, providing practical insights and guidance to readers. With a rich background in academic and leadership positions, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every endeavour. Recognized as a transformational, inspirational, and empathetic leader, Dr. Abraham has received numerous honours and awards for his contributions. Testimonials consistently highlight his unique teaching style, deep insights, and transformative influence on individuals and institutions. Keep connected with Dr. Abraham Owoseni at https://abrahamowoseni.com/