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Everyone has a ‘ship’

Yours could be a unit you lead, a department, a group, a corporation, an institution, a region, a nation, a home, a business, an idea, or any other expression of your vision. “Lead-a-Ship” takes you on a journey to become an effective leader, not just a manager but a leader armed with a renewed mindset and skillset to steer your ‘ship’ and avoid potential shipwrecks.

Why is this Important?

In today’s dynamic business landscape, exceptional leadership is the cornerstone of organizational success. As a manager, you play a pivotal role in shaping the direction, motivation, and overall performance of your team.

Do you sense a gap between your current leadership skills and the high-performance results you aspire to achieve? Are you a manager struggling to move beyond mere administration? Do you feel your leadership skills could make a more significant, lasting impact on your team and your organization? Imagine the frustration of realizing you’re merely managing and not effectively leading.


Embark on a transformative journey with “Lead-a-Ship: Navigating Success in Managerial Positions and Sail Your Team to Excellence and High-performance!”

Leadership is heavy, but it depends on the capacity of the leader and the structure available to carry the weight.

Dr. Abraham Owoseni | Author

But you need to increase your capacity. “Lead-a-Ship” will keep you on your toes till you’re done reading the book and completing the exercises in the Workbook!

What’s included in the book:
• Step-by-step guidance on how to move from management to leadership
• Proven techniques to navigate corporate complexities
• Insights on how to build strong teams and achieve high-performance results


The book is a breath of fresh air because it conceptualizes the subject in a very relatable manner. Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a reader and a leader; he has also trained several leaders across a wide range of industries. I respect his leadership experience and drive. If there is a book, I can recommend to you that you will find transformational, it is this book. And if there is an author that I can recommend to you who does what he teaches and has results to show for it, it is this author.

Dr. Lanre Amodu

Director, African Leadership Development Centre

Abraham Owoseni has written an impactful book that serves as a template to guide leaders at different levels, sectors, and industries. It shares relatable experiences of climbing the career ladder while identifying the right skill set and mindset as a higher-performing leader. Abraham’s stories and quotes from visionary thinkers are comprehensive and very much applicable to life problems as they epitomise the right standard and essential approach to effective leadership.

Dr. Akin Akinpelu

President, The Akin Akinpelu Leadership & Development Company
Member, Forbes Coaches Council

It's a manual every leader should have in their arsenal.

Abraham Owoseni has always been a great mind. He has once again delivered a thought-provoking piece that challenges the status quo, causing a personal introspection and a deep re-evaluation of what it means to be a leader. This is a must-read for everyone who wants to lead with excellence, impact others positively, and, most importantly, deliver extraordinary results in any field or assignment. It’s a manual every leader should have in their arsenal.

Bodunrin Opanuga

MD/CEO, Zattu Inc.
Ontario, Canada

Dr. Abraham has done half of the job for you. The other half? Pick this book up!

It is a privilege for this generation to have as a go-to resource when it comes to navigating managerial
leadership terrain. Reading this book, I could see how my leadership journey across the two fields I influence can be truly improved so I can achieve more results and make more positive impacts. If you are a leader, seeking wisdom to lead your team to excellence, Dr. Abraham has done half of the job for you. The other half? Pick this book up!

Apeh Omede, PhD

Lecturer & Research Honours Coordinator, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture,
University of Tasmania, Australia
Founder, LifeExcel Resource Centre

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Chapter 1: The Illusion of Leadership
Chapter 2: The Mission to Sail: Embarking on the Leadership Journey
Chapter 3: Charting the Course: Leading Self
Chapter 4: The Pilot and the Passengers
Chapter 5: Leading the Way and Leading Others
Chapter 6: Strategic Success Indicators: Focusing on What Really Counts
Chapter 7: Lessons in Leading: Essential Lessons in Leadership
...this book deserves to be your must-have, go-to resource!

Thank you, Abraham, for this timely masterpiece! I particularly appreciate the practicality and simplicity of the language used in this book and the profound message. In a time when we have had so many misrepresentations of leadership, this book is a much-needed resource for anyone who wants to understand leadership because it goes beyond the title to truly influence and impact others. From the storytelling to the nuggets of wisdom, this book deserves to be your must-have, go-to resource!

Morenike Vincent

Maxwell Leadership Certified Leadership Development Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Canada

About the Author

Dr. Abraham Owoseni, a seasoned leadership coach, with years of experience training leaders across various industries, provides you with the secrets to self-leadership and team success, guide you through corporate complexities with confidence, and build a strong foundation for unwavering high-performance results. His pragmatic approach and thought-provoking insights make “Lead-a-Ship” a must-read

Abraham O. Owoseni, Ph.D.

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The catchy story of the captain from the introduction sure got my attention. I practically finished the book at a stretch, and I sure have notes already. I expected the regular complex leadership terms, but I was intrigued by the use of relatable sceneries and stories as well as the simplicity of the key terms. Dr Abraham’s writing skill makes his teachings a go-to “hack” without thinking too hard about what it means. Very detailed and specific yet super explanatory and not complex. I definitely will recommend this book. It is not just about leadership as regards career or specific industries; it’s about ensuring everyone sees the leader in themselves and how they can maximise it across the board. I believe the readers who will enjoy this are not streamlined because as it stands, everyone should be a leader.

Temitayo Akinola

Creative Designer, Firoti Crafts Hub
Alumnus, US Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

Dr. Owoseni is tireless and unrelenting in his passion to inform and equip people for their life’s missions – in the workplace and elsewhere. In this new body of work, he presents an applicable resource that is in equal measure powerful, practical, and easy to understand. It is not enough to simply manage resources, it is important to be able to do further and see further, thereby delivering even greater results with the ‘resources’ at one’s disposal as a manager. Dr. Owoseni provides the tools, frameworks, and mindset to help bring this level of impact to life. This is a highly relevant book for first-time managers and existing managers, especially in times as complex as the one we are in. 

Demilade Oluwasina

Learning and Development Advisor Manchester, United Kingdom

Abraham Owoseni’s latest book, “Lead-a-Ship: Navigating Success in Managerial Positions,” is a testament to his profound expertise in leadership and management. With a keen understanding of the challenges and intricacies of today’s corporate world, Owoseni provides invaluable insights and strategies for anyone aspiring to excel in managerial roles. . It’s a must-read for anyone seeking to chart their course to success in the world of leadership.

Adebayo Ajayi, PMP

Harvard Business Review Advisory Council | Senior Manager-PMO Consumer Products Good, Canada

True leadership is scarce and has become one of the major reasons for the problems in the world, in nations, in communities, in families, and in homes. Every problem you see that lingers is a reflection that someone, who is supposed to lead is not taking responsibility. This is why “Lead-a-Ship” by Abraham Owoseni is a timely book to address these issues and help people lead themselves and others. I have known Abraham for over a decade as a leadership coach with proofs; I am therefore not surprised about the depth of thought and insights in the book. I recommend the book for leaders interested in raising other leaders and ensuring the continuity of the work they have started.

Stephen Oluwatobi, PhD

Co-founder, Quanta London,
United Kingdom

Don't Miss the Workbook

The workbook is a perfect complement to the main book, enhancing your learning experience and providing actionable insights for immediate implementation.

What You’ll Discover Inside:
• 16 hands-on leadership exercises
• Thought-provoking questions and actionable tasks
• Practical exercises aim to encourage self-reflection, strategic thinking

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Whether you are a seasoned executive seeking to refine your leadership skills or a newcomer to the world of management, “Lead-a-Ship” offers something for everyone. It is a must-read!

Victor Ekwere Jnr, MBA.

Director for Innovation, Operations & Solutions Oral Roberts University Tulsa, OK, USA

I am happy to fully endorse this book! Deep and impactful truth expressed with clarity does not come by easily. Thank you for yielding to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit on this one.

Ubong Victor

Global Senior Financial Auditor,
Shell Plc, United Kingdom

“Lead-a-Ship” is a transformative guide designed to enhance your leadership skills, especially in managerial positions. It provides practical exercises and insights to help you navigate the complexities of corporate leadership with confidence.

Irrespective of where you are across the world, Lead-a-Ship and Lead-a-Ship Workbook is available in print and ebook formats on Amazon and other major online retailers. Choose the format that suits you—whether paperback, hardback, e-book, or both.

Yes, “Lead-a-Ship” caters to both emerging and established leaders. Whether you’re in a managerial role or striving for personal development, the book and workbook offer insights and exercises for individuals at various stages of their leadership journey, across diverse industries.

“Lead-a-Ship” provides tools to transition from mere management to impactful leadership. You’ll learn to build strong teams, achieve high-performance results, and navigate corporate challenges with confidence.

The workbook complements the main book by offering hands-on exercises to deepen your understanding of leadership principles. While the main book provides insights, the workbook ensures practical application for immediate results. To get the best value, we recommend, getting both the book and the workbook. You have the opportunity to answer directly and write all your responses from the 16 practical leadership exercises inside the workbook. Imagine having a personalised leadership map, that’s what the workbook presents to you.

Yes, we offer special rates for bulk purchases and group orders. For details, please contact us with your specific requirements. Please reach us at 

Yes, we offer tailored workshops and training sessions for corporate institutions,  and individuals seeking to deepen their understanding on the book’s profound principles. For personalized workshops and trainings, please contact us at  | We’ll work with you to create a unique program that aligns with your specific needs and goals

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is available for both physical and virtual speaking engagements at conferences and events that align around the focus of “Lead-a-Ship.” His dynamic presentations offer valuable perspectives on leadership and high-performance. Explore more about our speaking engagements and invite Dr. Owoseni to your event by visiting our dedicated speaking page at

To fully embrace the concepts and strategies presented in the book,  consider implementing the following steps:

  • Read the book thoughtfully, taking notes and reflecting on the key takeaways.
  • Use the highest learning and most pressing chapter end reflections
  • Engage in the exercises and self-assessments provided in the workbook
  • Apply the strategies to real-life situations, observing how they impact your role.
  • Find an accountability partner. Purchase your copies and review together as you make progress.

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