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How Prepared are you for your Next Chapter?

Are you standing at the crossroads of life, ready to embark on a new chapter but unsure of the path ahead?
Life is a continuous journey filled with exciting transitions, each marking a new season of growth, discovery, and transformation. However, these transitions can also bring uncertainty, doubts, and the fear of the unknown if you approach them unprepared.

Why is this Important?

Whether you’re graduating from school, preparing for marriage, considering a career move or navigating a significant life transition, the key to success lies in your ability to approach these transitions with unwavering clarity and confidence.

Introducing “The Next Chapter: How to Navigate the Next Season of Life with Clarity & Confidence (2nd Edition). Embrace the Next Chapter: Your Guide to Navigating Life’s Transitions with Clarity & Confidence

In your hands lies the power to navigate these transitions with clarity, confidence, and a sense of purpose, transforming them into opportunities for personal fulfillment and success.

Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm. With this revised and expanded edition of “The Next Chapter,” you’ll gain the tools and insights to navigate life’s transitions with grace and certainty.

You don’t prepare for the next chapter in that chapter, you prepare before the chapter.

Dr. Abraham Owoseni | Author

⚡️ What Awaits You ? As you embark on this transformative journey, you will:

The book is a “must-read” for every youth that is on the quest for self-discovery. The matter-of-fact narrative style spiced with the personal stories of the author makes this book not only a page-turner but also an asset in the journey of life. I recommend it to anyone who dares to challenge the average life and aim for something more. The depth of wisdom therein is worthy of the exploration of every searching mind.

Dr. Lanre Amodu

Director, African Leadership Development Centre

In this life-transforming book; “The Next Chapter,” Dr. Abraham Owoseni plays the role of a tested and trusted tour guide who takes you on a voyage of self-discovery while painting a graphic picture of how to successfully navigate the road ahead. All chapters are loaded with wisdom nuggets to help discover purpose and run the race of life with precision, no guesswork. Such wisdom, such commitment, and such passion, all packed into one body and spiced with unfeigned humility; Dr. Owoseni is clearly a rare gift to the youth of this generation. Hear ye him!

Adebayo Adenekan

Director at Afrissance

Dr. Abraham is a passionate, knowledgeable, and seasoned teacher of God’s Word and a prolific author whose message on holistic development and future-readiness life-skills acquisition has transformed several thousands of lives across the world. His latest masterpiece titled, “The Next Chapter” is inspiring, insightful, and highly instructive for young adults who are poised to emerge as change agents set to make a significant difference in their generation and emerge as global giants. I strongly recommend “The Next Chapter” as a MUST-READ.

Kolawole Oyelade

CEO, Candle-lit EduConsult and Farms Ltd

Dr. Abraham Owoseni in this life-impacting book is taking you on a journey that will make your navigation through life not only fulfilling and worthwhile but poised to make the journey of the next phase more gratifying. Dr. Abraham is the epitome of the content of the book. The book is for everyone desirous of a successful life devoid of the tortuous journey of those who never had such an opportunity to read a life-transforming book like this. With big congratulations, I wholeheartedly endorse this book and recommend it to all hoping for a fruitful navigation through the next season of life.

Prof. Oluwole A. Alagbe

Dean, College of Environmental Sciences & Management, Caleb University

Embrace the Next Chapter with Clarity & Confidence 🚀
5/5 of the most life-transforming books I have come across in recent times.

This book is one of the most life-transforming books I have come across in recent times. Going through the excerpts, I was thoroughly blessed; I immediately pre-ordered a copy for one of my younger siblings. There’s so much insight and wisdom in this book that I believe was inspired by the Holy Spirit. I love the fact that Dr. Abraham also pointed our eyes several times in the course of the book to the fact that God has a plan for us. God has a script that has been written concerning us for our lives, and we must align with it. In aligning with this, you’re able to see that life must be lived intentionally. I recommend it 100% to every young person around the world that wants to live a life of meaning and significance, and most importantly, make God proud. Thank you very much Dr. Owoseni, for birthing this book. I am waiting to see the testimonials of changed lives that would come from those who encounter it. God bless you, sir.

Dami Busari

Founder, Pearl Initiative

About the Author

Dr. Abraham Owoseni, a versatile transformational leader, shares multidisciplinary insights to help you thrive in various aspects of life. Learn from real-life anecdotes, actionable advice, and wisdom from successful individuals who have walked similar paths.

Abraham O. Owoseni, Ph.D.

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Impact of the 1st Edition

Read what others are saying about “The Next Chapter” and how it has transformed their lives. From gaining clarity on life decisions to unlocking purpose, this book has been a catalyst for positive change.

Happy new month Dr. Abraham Owoseni. I’m grateful to God for the gift of you in my generation. You have been of immense blessing to my life over the years. God bless you sir for your life-transforming teachings at the International Youth Alive Conference IYAC 2022 and The Next Chapter Book has revealed to me the deepest life secrets which will be passed on to my 5th or more generations to come. I promise never to let you down and with God on my side; I’ll give life my best shot and will raise people who can bless the world too.

Mary O.

The Next Chapter was such an insightful book. I felt like the Holy Spirit was talking to me directly while I was reading it. And I got clarity on what to do with my life. And to be very honest, I wasn’t expecting it. I was so overjoyed, and I needed to share that with others. I picked my gems, others would have to read it too to find out. I’m really grateful. The book is amazing! Literally in page 54, the part where you wrote, that “God may drop a burden in your heart as you read the pages of the book,” that was where I caught my word. Thank you, sir, may God continue to bless the work of your hands. 

Esther A.

I love that the book is different from other books out there. This particular book is unique and highly impactful. Prior to reading this book, I was battling with anxiety, lack of direction and impatience. I have no anxiety for the future at all because the book really explained the benefits of waiting on God. The recommendations at the end of the book made the book so perfect. Highly Impactful

Anonymously Shared

I was inspired by your story and how you followed God’s leading each step of the way. It made me more aware not to do things my own way but to spend time with God, building my relationship with Him so I can always hear instructions for the next steps He wants me to take. Dr. Abraham is indeed phenomenal; through his three books I got and his messages I watched on YouTube, my understanding of purpose, vision, career, and relationship has increased. He has a unique way of communicating his message in such a way that it is applicable.

Mordecai O.
This book written by my dear friend, Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a must-read by every young person out there. Abraham Owoseni has put together inestimable wisdom from God to help guide young people. This is definitely must-read. This is yet another masterpiece by Dr. Abraham; I must commend his contagious passion for young people. I am certain that everyone who reads this book will find useful and transformative knowledge that will serve as a catalyst for the next phase of their lives.
Opeyemi Ogunyomi
Ph.D. Student and Graduate Research Assistant, Texas Tech University
This book highlights practical and tested ways to deal with this stage of life. “The Next Chapter” is a book filled with wisdom and outfitted with a new way of seeing and doing. No one is better qualified to help you navigate your future than Dr. Abraham Owoseni whose life is purpose-driven; he is blessed with the spirit of imagination and realism. I will forever hold this profound, courageous and life-changing book dear to my heart.
Prof. Olujide A. Adekeye
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University
This book will show you how to navigate the next season of life you are looking forward to. A must-read for every youth and young adult. Dr. Abraham Owoseni’s inspiring words can never go stale. He continues to release truth and words of wisdom for the current and future generations. You will be motivated by reading and applying the principles discussed in this book.
Damilola Eluyela, PhD ACCA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Tasmania, Australia
Abraham Owoseni is a growing giant; every graduate should stand on his shoulder of knowledge, wisdom and strength in order to thrive in life and he has written the book from a wealth of experience. I recommend the book The Next Chapter to every university undergraduate and to every graduate who may have started the journey for clearer and more succinct guidance. The book will also guide those that have already missed their path to navigate back to the right path in destiny.
Lola Adelore
Finance Manager, Oil Producer Trade Section (OPTS) at Shell

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Reading your book Next Chapter has changed the way I view life and I’m just more confident that I’m not alone in this phase of my life. Thank you very much sir for answering the call of God upon your life. God bless you. 

Esther Anakor

Content Writer & Editor

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is the author of several best-selling books, including the one you are reading, “The Next Chapter.” This is a powerful, practical book for self-actualization. It is full of great ideas for choices in career, relationships and lifestyle. The Next Chapter is a must-read for all.


Dr. Patrick C. Orji

Chancellor, Pan-African University of Entrepreneurship & Professional Studies

“The Next Chapter” is an empowering guide by Dr. Abraham Owoseni, designed to help individuals navigate significant life transitions with clarity, confidence, and a sense of purpose. Whether you’re graduating, preparing towards marriage, or facing a career move, this book provides practical wisdom and actionable tools, and inspiring stories for thriving in the next season of life.

Irrespective of where you are across the world, “The Next Chapter” is available in print and ebook formats on Amazon and other major online retailers. Choose the format that suits you—whether paperback, hardback, e-book, or both.

This book is designed for anyone facing a significant transition in their life, whether it’s a career change, a new relationship, or a period of personal growth. It is particularly relevant for individuals who:

  • Feel stuck and are ready for a change;
  • Are unsure of their next steps or lack a clear direction;
  • Struggle with fear, self-doubt, or uncertainty;
  • Seek to create a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

The book provides a step-by-step guide to navigating life’s transitions. It guides readers through strategies for overcoming fear, managing uncertainty, and creating a roadmap for their future. Each chapter includes practical exercises, reflection prompts, and inspiring stories to support the learning process.

Yes, the book features practical worksheets, and exercises in each chapter. It also has a bonus content in the appendix for readers transitioning from school. It is titled “Graduate to Greatness: Practical Advice for Thriving in the Real World,” containing valuable insights from the stories of others.

Absolutely! For bulk purchases, special arrangements, or inquiries, please contact with your specific requirements. Please reach us at 

Yes, we offer tailored workshops and training sessions for organizations, non-profits, youth groups, churches, universities and individuals seeking to deepen their understanding on the book’s profound principles. For personalized workshops and trainings, please contact us at  | We’ll work with you to create a unique program that aligns with your specific needs and goals

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is also available for both physical and virtual speaking engagements at conferences and events that align with the focus of “The Next Chapter.” His dynamic presentations offer valuable perspectives on navigating life’s transitions with clarity and confidence. Explore more about our speaking engagements and invite Dr. Owoseni to your event by visiting our dedicated speaking page at

To fully embrace the concepts and strategies presented in the book,  consider implementing the following steps:

  • Read the book thoughtfully, taking notes and reflecting on the key takeaways.
  • Use the highest learning and most pressing chapter end reflections
  • Engage in the exercises and self-assessments provided in the book
  • Apply the strategies to real-life situations, observing how they impact your clarity and decision-making.
  • Find an accountability partner. Purchase your copies and review together as you make progress.

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