Yes you are. Few young professionals like you decide to come out of the crowd of confusion and start to build a life of harmony.

I know you really want to have a clear headway on what you want out of life and focus your energy. You want to make informed decisions on your career path, the choice of your life partner in marriage and even your kind of lifestyle.

I perfectly understand that the multiple options facing you aren’t helping matters and you feel like you’re stuck or just not too sure.

You’re in the right place; you can grow in CLARITY and HARMONY. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and start living a wholesome life.

Ability to Coach and Engage People
In my work with Abraham, He has shown not only exceptional leadership but an ability to coach and engage people to achieve their goals and ultimately success, not to forget his professional and humble nature to the actualisation of task. In his words "I celebrate you."
Marvit Ahanonu
Art Director
Abraham always brings out the best in you
Abraham's passion to always make a change and develop the minds of young people is very evident and effective in all his activities. Working with Abraham always brings out the best in you as we end up achieving the goal in flying colours.
David Rotimi
Graphic Designer


I know it can be pretty difficult to find a support system that truly works; but hey, I’m here to help you  with the resources and tools so you can figure out what you really want out of life.


The life Harmony Challenge will help you to actually define what you really want out of life. You get to define what to focus your energy on to produce a life of impact & influence, having a destination in view. More importantly, you get to make a clear distinction between pursuing ambition and vision.

You're going to leave with clarity & certainty
This session was extremely impactful. So many things that I had in my head prior to this class that was just so wrong; now I’ve learnt how to map out my destination and my career path. If you're out there and you're just so confused as to what to do; you've tried your hands on so many things or you're at that place when you're wandering, what do I do with my life, then I urge you to attend the next career live class and I can assure you, you're going to leave with clarity and certainty.
Seun Olagunju
Social Entrepreneur
I've been inspired to go back to the drawing board
By attending this live class today, I have been inspired and enlightened. I've really learnt a lot. Before, I thought I knew what I was supposed to do and the career I'm interested in, but that was not just all. I've been able to look at my career in a perspective where it is not only about me, but what I can do for others. I've been inspired to go back to the drawing board.
Temilola Oyenuga
Interior Designer


My training programs have equipped young professionals like you with the needed resources and capacity to live a life of harmony, fulfillment and progress in career, relationships and lifestyle. 


Your career is not a job; careers are more defined and intentional than just having a job or hoping to get one. Your career is actually a vehicle you can design to take you to your destination. How can you design such career path to enjoy income, impact and influence from your career. If you’re not getting any of these, consider building harmony with your career. I’ll show you how to connect your life purpose to your career so you can live full and fulfilled. If you’re tired of TGIF; that feel of dissatisfaction and stagnation in what you currently do, career-harmony is what you need. Enroll for the Career Harmony Course to build a purposeful & profitable career


Yes lifestyle…we hardly look in that perspective right? But have you thought about this? What actually guides the way you think, act and behave? Why do you act the way you do? It has been proven that, 95% of success is subconscious; you see, you really need to build harmony with your mindset and belief system, your decision making skills and personal values. Please look out for the next edition. If you would want me to remind you, then join the waiting list


If you’ve ever wanted to build a relationship that leads to marriage and you’re confused on what factors to consider, relationship - harmony is for you. You actually know there’s more to consider beyond likes and looks, but you’re not sure and it seems like the years are rolling so fast. The pressures from society isn't helping out either. Do you really want to overcome the limiting beliefs and get empowered for harmony in this area of life? If you’re set to build a purposeful relationship and a home that achieves more, then ENROLL for RHC right away using this link below to enroll. You can still get clarity on who to marry without future regrets. You decide


How do you connect the dots together and begin to live a wholesome life? The Life Harmony Boot camp takes you on a journey to connect your life purpose with your career, academics, lifestyle and towards marriage. This is what I call, Harmony. Successful people aren’t only successful in one area of life; they’ve mastered other areas and have built harmony. Please look out for the next edition. You can leave a message behind to join the waiting list for the next edition.

I gained so much clarity
Thank you for being such an amazing Life Coach; I am glad our paths crossed. It was an interesting time sharing my life work and career goals with you. I gained so much clarity on growth after our discussion.
Omotayo Okewunmi
Protocol Officer, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria MAN
Abraham has coaching & mentoring skills
Abraham has training and facilitation skills, coaching and mentoring skills; managerial and leadership skills. I recommend him for any opportunity!
Remi Dairo
President, Institute of Productivity and Business Innovation Management (IPBIM) Africa.


If you can’t wait for my next training session or the length of my mentoring program and you want an immediate actionable step you can take, on your journey to clarity in life, career, lifestyle, relationship; then this is for you.


Here is how it works; we get on phone/zoom/skype for a 60 minute call where you can get expert strategy and guidance that you can implement right away. You have access to pick my brain where I will dedicate my time to answer your questions, give strategic advice on your journey to clarity in life, career, lifestyle and relationships.
That’s not all, you also get a 15 minute follow up call within 10 days with direct email access to me within those 10 days as well.

INVESTMENT: $84 / N30,000
But you can get a limited whooping discount if you act now.
INVESTMENT: $21 / N7, 500
Every conversation made an impact
Every conversation made an impact and I could easily apply the lessons shared. Your passion for what you do is an inspiration for me.
Chidinma Ukaegbu
Graduate Architect
You can take his words for it
I have seen people love what they do, but have not seen anyone do what they love like this man does it. You can't meet him off guard. Bring any issue on 'lifestyle and career,' you can take his words for it. Keep soaring in this light. I appreciate your visible impact to the young people of our time.
Joshua Ukwedeh
Architect at DelanoArchitects