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The book, the Next Chapter distills how you can prepare for life after school. With this, you can be well prepared for your next chapter and live out the next chapter.


The Next Chapter: How to Navigate the Next Season of Life After School

I know the excitement of being in the graduating class or the feeling of the graduation day, the shouts and the adulation as they feel the air, I felt them too. That feeling as the newest grad on the block, I can imagine how excited you are. That’s great. Emotions are powerful, but please permit me to burst the bubbles briefly. Let’s face it, how prepared are you for life after school? You may think you’ve got it going with plans up there, is that all? Is there not more? Is it your plan or their plan? Is it God’s plan? Is it the right step to take? If it’s right, is it at the right time?

Life is not a risk, but a script. You don’t choose what is inside the book, you simply read the script and act the script. The book, the Next Chapter distills how you can prepare for life after school. If you know better, you’ll do better, what do you think? Imagine you can face the future, grow in clarity, catch visions and not mere ambitions, grow in maturity about life and living as you transit into the next chapter, just imagine how confident you’ll be to live a life of meaning and success. That’s the goal of this book

In this book, you will be able to find the title of your ‘book,’ know what is written about you in the book, break them into chapters, know what chapter you’re in and how to move to the next chapter and how this influences your career, relationships, and lifestyle. With this, you can be well prepared for your next chapter and live out the next chapter.


To your all-round success and growth

Dr. Abraham Owoseni




7 reviews for [eBook] The Next Chapter

  1. Abraham Owoseni

    There are many things the present school structure and curriculum does not cover. One of them is how to navigate “life after graduation.” Added to this is the fact that you might even be a graduate of a subject that does not really define who you are or wish to be. If you find yourself at crossroads or you want to be equipped with the basics for success outside the campus life irrespective of your degree, Dr. Owoseni’s book “The Next Chapter” is one book you should study. Femi Raji, Convener, Shining Light Campus Outreach Forum

  2. Abraham Owoseni

    Experiences have shown that a university degree is only a certificate of enlightenment and not a guarantee for success in life. Lots of graduates grope in darkness after graduation, not knowing what next to do and in the process fall into many hurtful lusts, and vices that could cut short one’s destiny and life. Abraham Owoseni is a growing giant; every graduate should stand on his shoulder of knowledge, wisdom, and strength in order to thrive in life. The book will also guide those that have already missed their path to navigate back to the right path in destiny. In the words of Bishop David Oyedepo, “It is never late to be right.” Lola Adelore, Finance Manager, Oil Producer Trade Section (OPTS) at Shell

  3. Abraham Owoseni

    The book is not meant only for those who just graduated from a higher institution of learning but for everyone that is desirous of a successful life devoid of the tortuous journey of those who never had such an opportunity to read a life-transforming book like this. Prof. Oluwole A. Alagbe, Dean, College of Environmental Sciences & Management, Caleb University

  4. Abraham Owoseni

    This book is one of the most life-transforming books I have come across in recent times. Going through excerpts from the book, I was thoroughly blessed. I immediately pre-ordered a copy for one of my younger siblings. There’s so much insight and wisdom in this book that I believe was inspired by the Holy Spirit. I recommend it 100% to every young person around the world that wants to live a life of meaning and significance, and most importantly, make God proud. Thank you very much, Dr. Owoseni, for birthing this book. I am waiting to see the testimonials of changed lives that would come from those who encounter it. God bless you, sir. Dami Busari, Lawyer, Communications Coach, Teens Coach

  5. Abraham Owoseni

    Dr. Abraham Owoseni’s inspiring words can never go stale. He continues to release truth and words of wisdom for the current and future generations. You will be motivated by reading and applying the principles discussed in this book. Damilola Eluyela, Ph.D., ACCA, Research Fellow | Sustainability Accounting

  6. Abraham Owoseni

    The next season of life after school is a crucial point in life. This book highlights practical and tested ways to deal with this stage of life. No one is better qualified to help you navigate your future than Dr. Abraham Owoseni whose life is purpose-driven; he is blessed with the spirit of imagination and realism. I will forever hold this profound, courageous, and life-changing book dear to my heart. Prof. Olujide A. Adekeye, Professor of Counselling Psychology, Covenant University

  7. Abraham Owoseni

    In this life-transforming book; “The Next Chapter,” Dr. Abraham Owoseni plays the role of a tested and trusted tour guide who takes you on a voyage of self-discovery while painting a graphic picture of how to successfully navigate the road ahead. Such wisdom, such commitment, such passion, all packed into one body and spiced with unfeigned humility; Dr. Owoseni is clearly a rare gift to the youth of this generation. Hear ye him! Adebayo Adenekan, Director at Afrissance

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