Life is in phases and every phase is best surmounted with proper right understanding of that phase. One of such phases is the phase of schooling; especially for high school leavers, preparing for higher institutions.

I celebrate you on whatever phase of schooling you’ve gone through. Guess what, you can get amazing dividends from schooling with this mindset: read along and don’t miss this.

Here is a scenario apt in this discuss. The four wall of formal schooling is what we can caption as a campus; you must have heard that severally, most higher institutions are called by that appellation.

A campus is a refinery, not a restaurant! When you go to a restaurant, you see refined products-foods, meals served deliciously and delicately to the teeming customers who patronize such refined dishes. But a whole lot of work goes on in the background-the kitchen!

The challenge is that, many young folks get carried away with what is seen on the servery and refuse to pay attention to the refining that has gone into the production.

Whilst admiration is good, hardwork is better.

Also recall that every manufactured goods of any factory after production, goes through the final stage of quality control and packaging as it becomes marketable for sale and consumption as the case may be.

‘Every great product is as a result of proper processing from a factory.’

Let me admonish specifically at this point, a number of persons from any cadre of the school system perhaps you are done from the secondary school awaiting admission or commencement at a tertiary institution or you are done from a tertiary institution. The truth is principles are universal in application and result.

Assume you have gone through the final production line of your academic sojourn at a prestigious school/institution. Note that, it wouldn’t just end at graduation.

Any product that is not well packaged with the acceptable quality and standard of delivery will not be marketable and will not receive acceptance from the final consumers.

No wonder we find a number of persons done from school but with little or no practicable, visible value and skill to work with.

The striking advice is this, while on campus, spend time on refining your crude potentials and give attention to all the needed investment you need to put in, into it.

Oh, someone is saying, now that I am done from school, what do I do?

I’ll share briefly on these three key areas of refining:

They all boil down to packaging!

Package yourself as you proceed from here- in an attractive, suitable and presentable way.

Continuous Learning:

            Your graduation from your school culminates in the commencement of your career journey; however, to build a great career, learning must be a continuous activity.

Your graduation shouldn’t be the last day you pick up an academic/career/personal development book to read. For you to remain relevant and up to date, you must continue to learn. Learning is said to be life-long! You are now a graduate! The difference in the next five (5) years, will be defined majorly with the quality of books you read and your association, that is, the company you keep.

Package yourself with useful and vital information.

“Not to be informed is to be deformed”

That takes us to the next component:


“You can’t be better than the people who speak into your life”

What company you keep from here and the kinds of friends you keep will go a long way to determine your value and quality tomorrow. Your friends are like mirrors, reflecting your true picture.

Remember, friendship is by choice! Why not make quality friendship that will add positively to your life, even after school.

“Evil communication, corrupts good manners”

Package yourself with a good association of people with focus and direction!

And the third component:

Carriage/ outward appearance:

“The way you dress, is the way you will be addressed”

Don’t get carried away with negative styles called ‘fashion’

True fashion is in the decency of your appearance wherever you find yourself, at home, within the community, everywhere…

Remember, first impression counts.

Carry yourself with a great esteem, with value, with a sense of mission and direction.

Don’t look cheap; your value is still in place!

Have a great adventure as you go on from here!

Share with me your striking action points and most highest learning points.